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WSI has expanded the EDI billing options available through iHCFA to include facility charges (UB-04/837i). Prior to this, WSI had implemented the electronic submission of professional charges (CMS 1500/837p) only.  For both types of billing (837p and 837i), submission through iHCFA is available at no cost to the provider. 

iHCFA is a specialized clearinghouse that facilitates the electronic submission of bills, medical reports, and supporting documents to workers' compensation payers.  Use of this billing option provides several benefits not accessible for paper billing, including automated attachment of a medical record to a bill, confirmation reports of bill receipt, and improved bill payment timeframes.

iHCFA provides the following options for submitting medical bills electronically:

  • Direct connection with WSI for medical bill and documentation submission
  • Online claim form interface, including documentation attachment
  • Indirect connection with a provider’s existing clearinghouse, dependent on the clearinghouse’s ability to meet certain technical requirements

A provider interested in submitting EDI medical bills must register with both WSI and iHCFA.

  • To register with WSI, complete the Payee Registration and Substitute W-9 form and fax to 888-786-8695.
    • This step is applicable for a new or existing billing provider who wishes to begin EDI billing.
    • A provider must complete this form for each business NPI billed to WSI.
    • Alternatively, a provider may submit the form for one business NPI and include an attachment. The attachment must provide the details requested on the form for each additional NPI.
  • To register with iHCFA, or for additional information, contact iHCFA at 973-795-1641 (option 2).

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