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Insurance Coverage Questions

Insurance Coverage Questions
I am starting a business in North Dakota. What do I need to do?

Make sure you have applied for coverage with WSI. Here is some additional information on starting a business in North Dakota.

Who needs WSI coverage?

North Dakota workers' compensation law, with limited exceptions, requires all employers to insure all employees including full-time, part-time, seasonal and occasional workers

See Coverage Requirements

See Elective Coverage

See Reciprocal Agreements

Does an out-of-state business need coverage with WSI?

An employer whose employment results in significant contacts with North Dakota, or enters into employment agreements in North Dakota must secure coverage with WSI.

An employer has significant contacts with North Dakota when:

  • Any employee earns or expects to earn 25% or more of the employee's gross annual wage or income from that employer for services rendered within North Dakota, or
  • 25% or the employer's gross annual payroll is payable to employees for services rendered in North Dakota, or
  • An employer hires an employee in North Dakota for work in North Dakota. If you come into North Dakota and hire workers here, WSI coverage is required.

For additional information, see Coverage Requirements for Out-of-State Employers and Reciprocal Agreements

Can I take my North Dakota based employees out-of-state?

North Dakota employers who carry workers' compensation coverage with WSI face a unique challenge when they take their business operations outside the state of North Dakota. As a state agency, and not an insurance agency, WSI cannot write coverage for exposure outside the state. WSI may be able to provide limited coverage for your North Dakota based employees under circumstances in which the employee has worked outside North Dakota for a period of not more than 30 consecutive calendar days.

See North Dakota Based Workers Working Out-of-State

See All States Coverage

How do remote employees affect my requirement of coverage?

The workplace is changing and many employees can now work from anywhere. Having employees who work remotely may affect an employer's requirement of coverage with WSI. 

North Dakota employers with employees working in/from other states

If you are a North Dakota based business and you hire employees to work in/from states other than North Dakota, you must obtain workers' compensation coverage in that state. WSI is unable to write coverage for employees that do not work in North Dakota. 

See North Dakota Based Business-Employees Working Out-of-State

Out of state employers with employees working in North Dakota

Employers who enter into employment agreements in North Dakota must secure coverage with WSI for those employees. Unlike other states, North Dakota law does not allow private insurers to underwrite workers' compensation insurance in North Dakota. WSI is the sole provider and regulator of workers' compensation in the state of North Dakota. Employers will want to be certain they have the proper coverage in place before hiring workers based in North Dakota. 

See Out-of-State Employers Working in North Dakota


How do I apply for coverage?

Complete an Application for Insurance online.

What is Elective Coverage?

With the exception of federal and railroad employees, an employer may choose to purchase elective coverage for himself/herself and for any employees otherwise exempt. This coverage is not required by law. Coverage becomes effective upon WSI's approval of a completed, signed application and an elective coverage contract (when applicable).

Exempt from Title 65

  • Owner, partner, corporate officer or spouse
  • Employer's children under the age of 22
  • Certain licensed real estate brokers
  • Newspaper delivery personnel
  • Farm and ranch labor
  • Certain custom farm operations
  • Household domestic workers
  • Employees engaged in the operation of a place of worship
  • Federal and railroad employees

See Elective Coverage

How do I get proof of WSI Coverage?

An account in good standing with WSI is issued a Certificate of Payment. You may access your Certificate of Payment at myWSI.

How do I check to see if an employer has coverage with WSI?

In order to see if an employer has coverage with WSI, go to Employer Search

How is workers' compensation affected if I sell or buy a business?

When a business owner thinks about purchasing another business, he or she probably considers workforce changes, tax implications and other common areas of concern. A lesser known or often overlooked consideration is the impact the purchase could have on workers’ compensation costs. Click here for additional information on selling or buying a business.

Payroll/Payment Questions

Payroll/Payment Questions
How do I access the myWSI online portal?

Click here to learn more about accessing the myWSI online portal.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact customer service at 800-777-5033 or 701-328-3800.

How do I submit my payroll or volunteer information?

All employers are required to submit their payroll data and volunteer information through myWSI.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact customer service at 800-777-5033 or 701-328-3800. 

Click here to learn more about payroll reporting

Click here to learn more about volunteer reporting

How are medical assessments calculated?

An employer is responsible for a portion of the medical expenses for each claim filed. Employers are billed monthly for assessable claims costs paid during the previous month. 

See Assessment Information

How do I enroll in AutoPay?

To set up recurring payments by credit card or ACH method login to myWSI 

  • Open Account Billing from the left navigation or employer dashboard
  • Select Make a Payment
  • Choose payment type Set up AutoPay. 

Click here to learn more about AutoPay

How do I make a payment without logging into myWSI?

Payment can be made online at 

  • Select Quick Links then QuickPay
  • Enter your statement ID listed on the front of your billing statement
  • Enter credit card information

Click here to learn more about QuickPay

Claims Questions

Claims Questions
How do I file a claim?

You may file a claim by completing the First Report of Injury online. 

Should I file a claim or submit an Incident Report?

If a worker was injured and medical attention is not immediately being sought, provide information regarding that incident by completing an

Incident Report. The incident report should be filed by midnight (central time) of the next WSI business day following the injury date.


If that worker later seeks medical attention and a claim is received by WSI within 14 calendar days of the incident, the medical assessment charge will be waived.


Without the filing of the Incident Report, the $250/$350 medical assessment will still be charged if a claim is eventually filed.

See Assessment Information 


How do I get a report that shows my claims?

Employers can generate claims loss run reports in myWSI.

Click here to learn more about Employer Account Reports


Miscellaneous Questions

Miscellaneous Questions
I need a North Dakota Contractor's License. How do I get a Letter of Good Standing sent to the North Dakota Secretary of State's office?

If you have an active account with WSI, you may upload a copy of your Certificate of Payment via the North Dakota Secretary of State website 

If you do not have an active account with WSI, See Verification of Nonemployment


How do I subscribe to receive the Employer InSite newsletter?

To receive the latest employer news, subscribe to our Employer InSite.

What’s the average time it takes for WSI to send a Letter of Good Standing to the ND Secretary of State's office once a Verification of Non-Employment is submitted?

It may take 7-10 business days for WSI to process a Verification of Nonemployment and send the Letter of Good Standing to the ND Secretary of State.


How do I update my business information and account contacts online?

Update your business demographics, contact information, and manage user access for your account online in myWSI

Click here to learn more about managing user access in myWSI. 



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