If retraining is identified through the vocational process, an injured employee may accept or decline the opportunity to participate. WSI's School Coordinator provides guidance on class schedules, tutoring assistance, and monitors academic progress. 


Once retraining is completed, WSI offers the following assistance if the injured employee would like to continue their education.

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WSI has a revolving loan fund that provides low-interest loans to:

  • Injured employee
  • Surviving spouse or child of injured employee whose death resulted from a compensable injury and meets the definition of child at the time of the initial application
  • Surviving spouse or child of injured employee deemed to be catastrophically injured and meets the definition of child at the time of the initial application

Eligibility requirements:

  • Applicant has obtained a high school diploma or equivalent education
  • Injured employee is not eligible for retraining under rehabilitation services

The maximum amount payable on behalf of an applicant may not exceed $50,000 and must be payable within 5 years.

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Scholarships may be granted to an injured employee, or the spouse or children of an injured employee when: 

  • A retraining program is completed
  • There is an exceptional circumstance
  • There is a catastrophic injury
  • There is a death resulting from a compensable injury

The maximum amount payable is $10,000 per year for no more than 5 years. (The 5-year maximum for injured employee who attended a retraining program includes the years of retraining under the vocational rehabilitation statute.)

Scholarships are paid directly to the accredited college or technical institution and include tuition, books, and fees.