WSI has a relationship with The Accident Fund of America to provide coverage for all North Dakota employers who have North Dakota based workers traveling outside of North Dakota on a temporary and incidental basis. All active policyholders in good standing with WSI are automatically enrolled in this all states coverage which is included with your policy.

How it works:

  • This insurance provides coverage for temporary and incidental exposures in all states except Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming.
  • This is coverage for North Dakota based employees who travel to other states on temporary incidental business. Temporary and incidental exposure means exposure outside the state of North Dakota for not more than 30 consecutive calendar days. An employer is always responsible for evaluating their exposure in each state in which they conduct business to ensure compliance with the workers compensation law of that state.
  • If the employer or employee has a permanent work-site outside the state of North Dakota or other significant contacts in that state, the employer must obtain workers’ compensation coverage in that state.
  • It is important for all North Dakota employers to check with the state in which they operate to verify coverage requirements. WSI cannot guarantee that coverage in another state is not required.
  • It is the responsibility of every North Dakota employer whose business operations touch another jurisdiction to inquire into the workers' compensation requirements of that jurisdiction. North Dakota employers who do not ensure their compliance with other states workers' compensation requirements run the risk of being uninsured in that state.
  • All States Coverage does not provide employer liability coverage.