Billing/Payment contains information to use in conjunction with Provider News, the Utilization Review Guide, and other WSI publications. It is subject to change at any given time without notice. Coverage decisions are subject to claims decisions, fee schedule guidelines, and applicable state laws. Information contained in this section does not constitute authorization of services.

Provider Registration

Prior to reimbursement for treatment, a provider must register with WSI. To register, complete the Payee Registration and Substitute W-9 form. A provider must submit a Payee Registration and Substitute W-9 form for each business NPI they bill to WSI.

The remittance address submitted on the registration form must match the address submitted on the CMS-1500 box 33 or UB 04 box 2. In the event the address submitted on a bill does not match the registered address, WSI will return the bill.             

The Quick Reference for New Providers includes additional basic information and resources for a provider who is new to treating a worker covered by WSI.