Safety Incentive Programs

WSI believes that every North Dakota employee deserves a safe work environment and every employer deserves to have healthy employees. We believe this is possible through loss control consultations, education and training, safety incentive programs, safety grants and continual focus on workplace safety by employers and employees. WSI is committed to helping employers and employees recognize and correct safety hazards to prevent workplace injuries. WSI offers the following Safety Incentive Programs (SIP):


The SMP is designed to assist employers in developing or improving current safety management systems. A WSI Safety Consultant will conduct assessments based on the SMP requirements and develop plans to assist employers in making improvements. Employers who successfully participate in WSI’s SMP can receive a premium discount of 10%.



The SAM program is designed to provide employers with options that allow them to choose and implement safety improvement programs that meet their business needs. Employers can receive up to a 15% premium discount by successfully participating in the SAM programs.  Each individual SAM program can provide a 5% discount up to a maximum of 15%. There are 9 different SAM programs an employer can choose from.



Employers are encouraged to enroll in both the SMP and SAM as the discounts of each program can be combined in the same premium period for a maximum discount of 25%. Please note that employers who wish to enroll in SMP and/or SAM must submit an application before the beginning of their premium period.