As a WSI policyholder, you have access to an experienced loss control consultant who has the skills and expertise to help you understand the impact of claims on your premium. Our free loss control services include

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Financial Impact Study
  • Provides the basics of experience rating and how it is calculated 
  • Identifies how claims, based on nature of injury, financially impact experience rating 
  • If there is not enough claims history by the nature of injury, claims over $10,000 will be reviewed and identify how they are financially impacting the experience rating.
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Projected Experience Rating
  • Overview of the employers’ loss run to better understand impact of reserves
  • Includes projected experience rating calculation based on a loss run history
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Loss Control Reports
  • Active claims report – provides all “open” claims in a specific date range; usually a 3 or 5 year look back period
  • Assessment report – provides all “accepted” claims along with claims where the $250 medical assessment was waived; usually for the past quarter
  • Frequency report – provides all the “accepted” claims during the employer’s current reporting period
  • Loss run report – provides all the “filed” claims during the employer’s current reporting period
  • Severity report – provides the time loss days paid during the employer’s most current reporting report for any claim over the past 5 years
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  • Includes a high-level overview of the employer’s account
  • Provides a 5-year history of the following information: gross payroll, premium, premium dividend, safety discount, claims, total incurred, time loss days, experience rating, grants, and educational training participation
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Claims Trend Analysis Booklet

Includes the following information:

  • 5 years of claims history
  • Breakdown of claims based on body part, cause code, nature of injury, days of the week, month, time of day, length of employment, age, and misc. trends.
  • Effective tool to manage claims