Pharmacy Services


WSI covers the cost of medications/supplies used to treat a condition accepted on an injured employee's claim. This coverage includes prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, durable medical equipment (DME) and medical supply items. WSI does not provide direct reimbursement for these charges, which must be submitted through the Pharmacy Benefit Manager. Below is additional information regarding WSI's pharmacy program, which a pharmacy should be aware of:


The pharmacy plan design incorporates industry standards to ensure point of sale processing of pharmacy charges.

Elements of WSI's pharmacy plan design include:

  • Supply Limits - includes 34 days for acute and 60 days for chronic medication
  • Formulary/Medication Restrictions - lists medication excluded from coverage or requiring a prior authorization and medication quantity limits
  • Brand name medication coverage - may be authorized, with documented trial and failure/adverse reaction to the generic equivalent
  • An injured employee may request a brand medication but is responsible to pay the cost difference between the generic and brand medication

WSI reimburses for medications dispensed directly from a provider's medical clinic when billed electronically to our current Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) using the current NCPDP pharmacy transaction standard. See North Dakota Administrative Code § 92-01-02-45.1(3). WSI does not directly reimburse a provider or an injured employee for medications.


WSI contracts with Envolve Pharmacy Solutions, a national pharmacy benefit management company, to process pharmacy charges. This partnership allows access to over 65,000 pharmacies, nationwide, while providing an efficient process for the pharmacies. Use the Pharmacy Locator to find a participating pharmacy. Please note the Group Number 8001 must be used in the search criteria.

A pharmacy filling a medication must submit charges electronically to Envolve Pharmacy Solutions. To contract with Envolve Pharmacy Solutions, contact them for contract requests by fax at 866-912-6293 or email For questions on pharmacy contracts, call Envolve's Pharmacy Networks Department at 800-460-8988 and ask to be transferred to Pharmacy Networks Department.

To ensure proper processing please use the following:

BIN Number: 008019
Rx Group Number: 8001
ID Number: SSN or WSI Claim Number


The First Fill Program allows a pharmacy to dispense medication immediately to an employee while ensuring payment to the pharmacy.  Under this program:

  • Date of first fill must be within 30 days of date injury
  • A pharmacy must contact Envolve Pharmacy Solutions with the following information:
    • Patient's name (first and last)
    • Date of birth
    • Social Security Number (SSN)
      • Must use the actual patient's SSN
    • Date of injury
    • Employer's name
  • Employees are allowed one first fill every six months, regardless the number of claims filed
  • Not all medications are covered.  This includes any medication that requires a prior authorization (PA).  For a complete list see Formulary/Medication Restrictions
  • A pharmacy receives payment for the initial prescription of seven days, not to exceed a total of $100

For further assistance on the First Fill Program, please contact Envolve Pharmacy Solutions Help Desk at 844-895-0395.


The Formulary/Medication Restrictions list outlines the therapeutic classes for North Dakota WSI's benefit plan. Medications listed on the formulary do not guarantee coverage and are subject to specific WSI policy and determination of appropriateness for the accepted conditions.

Guidelines for WSI's Formulary/Medication Restrictions:

  • WSI's Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee has reviewed the Formulary/Medication Restrictions
  • The list includes the limits and restrictions for each product
  • Products requiring prior authorization are subject to specific WSI policy and determination of appropriateness for the accepted condition(s)

Medications on the formulary list will have one of three designated statuses:

  • (PA) Prior Authorization - prior authorization required before prescription can be filled
  • (MDD) Max Daily Dose - limit on number times the drug can be taken per day
  • (QL) Quantity Limit - there is a limit on the amount of drug coverage per prescription, or within a specific time frame
  • (C) Custom - this drug has unique restrictions (non-formulary drug)
    • Use the Formulary/Product Restrictions to find alternative medication

WSI restricts the active ingredients of compounded topical pain preparations to the following:

 Amitriptyline  (Maximum Strength:    7%)
 Baclofen  (Maximum Strength:    5%)
 Bupivacaine  (Maximum Strength:    2%)
 Clonidine  (Maximum Strength: 0.3%)
 Cyclobenzaprine  (Maximum Strength:    3%)
 Dexamethasone  (Maximum Strength:    1%)
 DMSO  (Maximum Strength:    6%)
 Gabapentin  (Maximum Strength:    6%)
 Ketamine  (Maximum Strength:   10%)
 Ketoprofen  (Maximum Strength:   20%)
 Lidocaine  (Maximum Strength:     5%)
 Menthol  (Maximum Strength:     5%)
 Naltrexone  (Maximum Strength:  6mg per capsule) 

 (Maximum Strength:     3%)

 Use limited to the treatment of plantar fascitis

Additional Restrictions Include:

  • A maximum of 5 active ingredients per compounded preparation
  • A maximum total percent strength of 30% for all combined active ingredients
  • A maximum initial quantity of 60gm for 15 days
  • A maximum subsequent quantity of 120gm for 30 days

WSI reimburses for compounded medication based on the level of effort (LOE). For more information click here.


Prior to submitting a request for authorization, a provider prescribing medication is responsible for reviewing the Formulary/Medication Restrictions list to determine whether the medication requires authorization. For a drug requiring prior authorization, complete the Provider's Request for Medication Prior Authorization (M11) form and fax with supporting documentation to 888-786-8695.


WSI requires prior authorization for Brand Necessary medication, also referred to as Dispense as Written (DAW). A provider requesting Brand Necessary medication should review the Prior Authorization for Brand Necessary Medications medical policy for information on WSI's parameters for coverage.

To request authorization, complete the Provider's Request for Medication Prior Authorization (M11) form and fax with supporting medical notes to 888-786-8695. Medical notes, detailing the objective medical evidence of the adverse reaction and/or inadequate response to the generic equivalent medication must accompany the request.

Approval for a brand name medication is specific to the medication, strength, and dosage and is valid for a maximum of one year. To renew an authorization for a brand name medication, a provider must submit the M11 form on an annual basis.


The pharmacy fee schedule is based on Wolters Kluwer Medispan Electronic Drug file wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) or the organization's pharmacy benefit management company's maximum allowable cost (MAC), when applicable.

Click here for additional information.


Durable Medical Equipment (DME) or medical supply items filled in a pharmacy setting, submit charges electronically to Envolve Pharmacy Solutions. These items require a prior authorization prior to being processed.

Items covered: Gauze, tape, bandages, bladder protection pads, catheter items, Xeroform dressing, Tegaderm dressing, Duoderm, Kerlix, syringes, etc.

Items not covered: Therma Care, hot and/or cold packs

Envolve Pharmacy Solutions is not able to add products to their system without an NDC. Continue to submit paper bills for DME and medical supplies without an NDC to WSI for payment to the pharmacy.

WSI does not directly reimburse an injured employee for medications, DME, or medical supply items.