The Learning Management System (LMS) is a safety training service offered by WSI, which consists of over 450 safety modules. Our goal is to provide a high-tech/low touch approach to safety training. Our service is unique because it is available to WSI customers 24/7.

The LMS offers 6 options to Employers:

  • LMS Menu Discount Program - Employee quarterly participation – the required number is based on pre-determined percentage which is outlined in the Safety Action Menu (SAM) brochure.
  • Safe Driver Discount Program - The employer chooses to utilize the LMS and each authorized driver is required to complete the 12 required courses in the eligible premium period to meet the training component of the Safe Driver Program.
    • The employer can choose to have WSI administer the program if they are not going to be using the LMS for any other training.
  • Stand Alone - The employer can be trained as an administrator and provide safety training to its employees based on business needs and is not tied to any discount program or minimum usage requirements.
  • Individual Learner - The safety contact or risk manager can utilize the LMS and take classes for their own personal knowledge.
  • New Hire Training - Employers can choose from pre-defined curricula or build their own new hire curricula from WSI's catalog of courses to meet their business needs.
    • WSI will administer this option for employers if they are not going to be using the LMS for any other training.
  • Group Training - The employer chooses to use the LMS for classroom training and being able to project the course to a group of employees.

For more information on LMS please contact or 701-328-7226.

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New LMS Courses
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Top 25 LMS Courses

Top 25 courses completed on WSI's Learning Management System (LMS)