Thank you for your interest in working with WSI. WSI is an exclusive, employer financed, no-fault insurance state fund covering workplace injuries and deaths. As the sole provider and administrator of the workers’ compensation system in North Dakota, our vision is a safe, secure, and healthy North Dakota workforce.



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Safety Consultant Minot 06/02/2024
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Our core purpose is to care for injured workers. Finding care for injured workers and helping provide safety services to employers is an extremely rewarding pursuit.

Our shared values are to be loyal, caring, and forthright. These values guide our organization and help us stay true to our vision. All members of our agency embrace these values.

WSI staff work to find the best services and solutions for injured workers, employers, and medical facilities. By providing superior service, employing the best employees, and through financial stability we know we can do what is best for employees, employers, and our staff. We are proud to do our part to ensure a prosperous workforce that is able to fulfill its valuable role in the economic health of North Dakota’s economy.

We hope you will review the opportunities available at WSI and if our core purpose is consistent with your values, we hope you consider applying to serve on our team. Thank you!

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Eligible WSI employees receive the great benefits offered in the state employee benefit package

How does your current position’s salary and benefits stack up to one you’re considering with us? Use our total rewards calculator to estimate.

WSI offers the following benefits to our employees:

  • Training: Professional development is encouraged through the attendance and participation in approved meetings, classes, seminars, workshops, etc., in order to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees and ensure maximum productivity. Employees are encouraged to seek training and pursue educational opportunities to enhance their current skills, increase proficiency, improve performance and job satisfaction, and increase the opportunity for advancement.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: Regular classified employees may receive up to 80% of their course tuition and fees paid for on pre-approved courses.
  • Work/Life Balance: Life can get hectic! WSI tries to work with their employees to ensure a work/life balance that will benefit everyone!

North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System
North Dakota Human Resource Management Services – Benefits

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Some of the positions at WSI include:

  • Claims Adjuster
  • Provider Relations Representative
  • Nursing
  • Safety Consultant
  • Underwriter
  • Collections Specialist
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Document Processing Specialist
  • Paralegal
  • Auditor
  • Vocational Case Manager

For a complete list of state opportunities, please check Human Resource Management Services to view current job openings at WSI.

For additional information, please contact Customer Service at 701-328−3800 or 800−777−5033 and ask for Human Resources.

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We are continually looking for ways to improve the services we provide to our customers. In doing so, we encourage our employees to be creative in their work practices and in finding new ways to accomplish their work tasks. WSI offers an environment that rewards excellence, innovation, and quality service.

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Our Vision
... is a safe, secure and healthy North Dakota workforce

Our Purpose
... to care for injured workers

Our Business
... providing workers compensation and safety services

Our Core Values
... Loyal, Caring, and Forthright

Our Strategic Anchors
... Exceptional People, Exceptional Service, Financial Stability


Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is grounded in the following: Anyone wanting to be a leader must first be a servant, if you choose to lead, you must serve. 

WSI views servant leaders as individuals whom demonstrate the attributes of patience, kindness, humility, respectfulness, selflessness, forgiveness, honesty, and commitment when dealing with others.

The servant leadership team is a team created primarily to develop servant leaders and to provide service opportunities for employees.  

We have worked to integrate this leadership philosophy into our culture. As a result, the expectation is our behaviors and actions in the workplace are centered on serving others and exhibiting the attributes of a servant leader.

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I am very proud to be able to work for a company as great as WSI. It is not just a company but also a place where everyone genuinely cares for one another, as well as the injured workers. It was scary starting my first full-time job, but the people I work with have made it a very enjoyable experience and I am so proud of where I work.

                -Help Desk Technician WSI employee since November 2013

WSI is an agency that is full of employees who want and have the desire to help our injured workers. I truly enjoy working with so many intelligent people who have the drive and desire to care for our customers. Along with that, it is great to work for an employer that promotes professional growth and just downright supports their employees.

                -Claims Supervisor WSI employee since November 1995

I enjoy working at WSI for the professional development I have achieved over the years of working here. I have always been encouraged to take trainings and further my education to better myself both professionally and personally. I was able to obtain my ND insurance license and other designations all with support from WSI and continue to work towards achieving and maintaining my license and designation through continuing education. Teamwork and communication are an important part of a working relationship and I feel I have made several great and long-lasting friendships with co-workers and others that I have met while working with WSI that help to make work more enjoyable.

              -Underwriter WSI employee since February 2010

Providing care for injured workers and safety services to employers is extremely rewarding. WSI’s commitment to each employee’s personal development combined with an excellent pay and compensation package make WSI, in my opinion, an excellent place to work. I am honored to work for this organization.

                -Safety Consultant WSI employee since November 2012

WSI is a great place to work with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow.  I feel very lucky to work with so many caring and friendly people.  And, I appreciate working at a place that recognizes and rewards employees for their performance and hard work.

                -Accounting/Budget Specialist WSI employee since June 2012

I truly enjoy coming to work every day at WSI.  I have the privilege of working with so many great people within the organization as well as outside the organization including injured workers and employers.  It’s wonderful to work for an employer who promotes professional growth and gives so many opportunities to do so.

                -Claims Adjuster I WSI employee since December 2013