What are the timely filing requirements for submitting a bill to WSI?

WSI requires a medical provider to submit a bill within one year from the date of service. If a medical provider renders a service and WSI has either not yet made a liability decision or reverses a previous liability decision, the medical provider may submit a bill within one year from the date WSI accepted liability.

Does the claim need to be accepted prior to submitting a bill for a medical service?

No. A claim does not need to be accepted by WSI in order to submit a medical bill; however, the claim does need to be filed with WSI, as the claim number is a necessary component of billing.

How do I submit a bill to WSI for payment?

A medical provider may submit a bill electronically through Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse. Refer to the Billing & Payment section for complete information.

I received an electronic bill rejection. What is a B&E Lookup Fail?

B&E stands for Benefits and Eligibility, which is a validation edit on submitted bills. The most common reasons for failing the validation are an incorrect WSI claim number or an incorrect date of injury (must be +/- 3 days to pass validation). 

If you cannot determine what caused the error, contact for assistance. You will need to provide the WSI claim number, date of service, billed amount, and the last date of submission.   

How does WSI reimburse for a billed charge?

WSI reimburses for a medical service in accordance with the WSI Fee Schedule for both an in-state and out-of-state medical provider. A medical provider should access the applicable Fee Schedule Guideline for complete information.

Is there a timely payment requirement?

No, there is not a specific timeframe for payment. WSI’s administrative rules on reimbursement are found in the North Dakota Administrative Code Title 92. Section 92-01-02-45 states payment shall be made “as soon as reasonably possible”. 

The turnaround time for processing a bill is 3-4 weeks. 

How do I submit an appeal for a denial or reduction of payment?

The reason codes in WSI's remittance advice provide a detailed explanation of how WSI processed a charge, including whether a denied or reduced charge is eligible for an appeal. For a charge identified as eligible for an appeal, a medical provider must complete the Medical Bill Appeal (M6) form and submit it to WSI within 30 days of the remittance advice issue date. A medical provider should include a detailed explanation of the appeal reason and include additional supporting documentation.

Does WSI reimburse for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) products or supplies?

When prescribed by a treating provider for a condition directly related to a work injury, WSI may reimburse for DME. A medical provider should review WSI's DME Guide for additional information on coverage and prior authorization requirements.

Do I need to complete the Capability Assessment (C3) form at every appointment?

Yes, a capability assessment should occur at every office visit and naturally change over time. The primary treating provider may utilize WSI's C3 form or a form unique to their facility to document an injured employee's capabilities.


Prior Authorization

What services require prior authorization?

A service may require prior authorization from either the injured employee's claims adjuster or the Utilization Review department. A medical provider is responsible for reviewing the Utilization Review Guide to determine whether a service requires authorization. Visit the Prior Authorization section for complete information.

How long does WSI have to complete a UR request?

Upon receipt of the request and supporting documentation, WSI has three business days to complete the review. Visit the Prior Authorization section for complete information.

Can we request an extension on the timeframe for a previously approved authorization request?

If an approved surgery does not occur within 3 months (6 months for elective fusions), the medical provider must resubmit the request with updated medical information. For chiropractic care, therapy treatment or work hardening/conditioning, a medical provider may request up to a 2-week extension by calling the UR department at 701-328-5990 or 888-777-5871 before the current approval expires. Visit the Prior Authorization section for complete information.


Provider Enrollment/Registration

How do I register with WSI?

WSI requires a medical provider complete a Medical Provider Payee Registration form for each group/billing NPI used to bill WSI. An individual rendering provider does not need to submit a separate registration. Visit the Provider Registration section for complete details.

Do I need to register each of my practitioners with WSI?

WSI does not require a separate registration for an individual rendering provider associated with the practice.

How do I notify WSI of a change in business name, address, or other information?

A provider should submit all demographic updates to WSI by completing the Medical Provider Payee Registration form.


Provider Resources

Does WSI have an online portal?

The myWSI portal allows a provider to look up claim numbers, access fee schedules, and submit utilization review requests online. A registered user may also check bill status for any NPI(s) for which they have been granted access. Click here for additional information.

Does WSI have any resources for providers to utilize?

WSI provides several resources including Quick Reference Guides, Treatment and Documentation Policies, etc. for providers to utilize. Click here for additional resources.

How do I request education from WSI?

To request a visit from WSI or discuss education opportunities, click here.