Premium Audit


WSI may audit your records periodically to ensure that your workers are properly classified and that you are paying the correct premium. You may request an audit if you feel there should be changes in the classifications assigned to your employees.

How can you prepare for an audit?

We will inform you in writing when your account is selected for an audit. The letter will contain the date and time of the audit and a list of the records needed for the audit. The premium auditor will contact you prior to the scheduled date to confirm the audit appointment.

See our Premium Auditors map outlining service areas and the assigned premium auditors or view the list below.


Rita Hoff - 701-328-7235

Samuel Nelson - 701-328-7243

Sue Howard - 701-328-5964

Grand Forks

Nicole Spoor - 701-795-3925


Steve Belka (Premium Audit Supervisor) - 701-298-4994

Amy Nelson - 701-298-4990

Jen Fetting - 701-298-4976


Bryan Watson - 701-857-7745