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Welcome to Employer Account

This service provides an easy, confidential, and time-saving way for employers to access premium and claim loss assessment billing statements and detail, make payments using a credit card, and access certificates of premium payment electronically.


Before you can access your account information online, you must have or obtain a State of North Dakota Login ID (explained on the next page) and you must complete a one-time self-registration that will link your State of North Dakota Login ID to your account.

If you need support at any time while accessing this online service, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. If further assistance is still needed, you may either contact us via email at Employer Services or call 701-328-3800 or 1-800-777-5033.

Thank You!

Thank you for using our online Employer Account. If you have any suggestions to improve this service, please visit our  Contact Us page and share your thoughts with us!

Disclaimer: WSI strives to provide accurate data through all online services. Online data is intended to be informational in nature and will not create any additional liabilities should an inconsistency arise. If you have any concerns about the accuracy of information you see online, please contact us for verification.