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Effective tomorrow, July 1st, 2021, WSI will accept medical bills solely through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). A practice will need to work through WSI’s exclusive vendor, Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse, for EDI submission. WSI covers the transaction fee, so there is no cost to a practice for submitting a medical bill through Carisk. 

Unique benefits of submitting a medical bill through Carisk include:

  • Error-proof submissions with a 97% first-pass clean claims rate
  • Automatic notification of WSI’s receipt of a medical bill
  • Ability to track and manage e-claims
  • Unlimited attachments
  • Free storage of all bills and medical records

EDI also allows a provider to combine multiple dates of service into 1 bill and combine notes into 1 PDF attachment, if the billing provider is the same for all services. This is not to exceed 50 service lines or 12 diagnosis codes.

To establish a direct EDI connection, contact Carisk by email at cicinfo@cariskpartners.com or by phone at 888-238-4792.

If a practice currently uses a clearinghouse other than Carisk, an indirect EDI connection may be possible, depending on that clearinghouse’s ability to meet certain technical requirements. To establish an indirect connection, contact that clearinghouse to check if an indirect connection can be established.

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