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BISMARCK, N.D. – The state of North Dakota has declared June 3, 2024, “Get Home Safe Day” to promote workplace safety and adopt it as a value in daily work life for all North Dakotans. A press conference was held June 3, 2024, in Bismarck, North Dakota, where Lt. Gov. Tammy Miller, WSI Director Art Thompson, and Senior Vice President and plant manager of Dakota Gasification Company Dale Johnson spoke about why this initiative is imperative for workplaces across the state of North Dakota.

“Our goal is to make safety a priority for every citizen of our state. Behind a thriving North Dakota economy and a building workforce, we must create a culture in the workplace to ensure that everyone gets home safe, every day, just the way it should be,” said Lt. Gov. Tammy Miller. "We need change for the better, and it begins here today as we take steps forward and encourage all organizations to participate in creating a culture of safety.”

In the fiscal year 2022, North Dakota reported nearly 18,000 injury claims filed. "Being a leader within the organization necessitates leading in safety through unwavering commitment to making safe decisions every day. The benefits it yields for both our employees and the entire organization far outweigh any additional cost, time, or effort required,” said Johnson, a safety champion whose role involves daily safety leadership and the integration of safety into every management decision.

North Dakota looks to make workplace safety an ongoing campaign with additional resources available to North Dakota employers every month. For more information, visit www.GetHomeSafeND.com.

The proclamation is available at Get Home Safe Day - 2024.pdf (nd.gov)

About Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI):

North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI) is an exclusive employer-financed, no-fault insurance state fund covering workplace injuries and deaths. As the sole provider and administrator of the workers’ compensation system in North Dakota, WSI’s vision is a safe, secure, and healthy North Dakota workforce.




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