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WSI now offers electronic fund transfers (EFT) as a means of payment to a medical provider for a rendered service. A practice interested in receiving payment via EFT should email wsipr@nd.gov or call customer service at 800-777-5033. This contact will enable the collection of the necessary business information WSI needs to prepare and mail the required EFT enrollment form to the practice.  

The processing time from WSI’s receipt of a completed EFT enrollment form is approximately two weeks. WSI will send a notification letter to the practice once the switch to EFT payment is complete.  

At this time, WSI will continue to issue a weekly paper remittance advice to a provider regardless of whether the provider chooses payment via check or EFT. However, efforts are underway for the availability of an electronic remittance advice (835). WSI will provide notification when the 835 transaction is operational. 

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