About Us


North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI) is an exclusive, employer financed, no-fault insurance state fund covering workplace injuries and deaths. As the sole provider and administrator of the workers’ compensation system in North Dakota, WSI’s vision is a safe, secure, and healthy North Dakota workforce.

Our core purpose is to care for injured workers. When employees are injured on the job, our highest priority is helping them regain their health and getting them back to work.

WSI’s goal is to have a dedicated and caring staff, emphasizing servant leadership. Our shared values are to be loyal, caring, and forthright. These values guide our organization and help us stay true to our vision. WSI staff work hard to serve others first and provide the best services and solutions for our customers.

WSI also believes that by encouraging safety programs we can prevent injuries from happening. Every North Dakota employee deserves a safe work environment and every employer deserves to have healthy employees on the job. We believe this is possible through safety consultations, education and training, safety incentive programs, safety grants and continual focus on workplace safety by employers and employees. WSI is committed to helping employers and employees recognize and correct safety hazards, preventing workplace injuries.

WSI is proud of the role it plays in ensuring a prosperous workforce that fills a valuable role in the economic health of North Dakota’s economy.


Art Thompson, Director