A DMP is a medical professional or a facility selected by the employer to treat work related injuries. All employers in North Dakota have the option of selecting a DMP.

Employers may choose a single provider, a group of providers, or any combination of provider specialties. While employers can choose any combination of providers as their DMP, employers should select providers with the knowledge and training to work with occupational injuries.

An employer’s selection of a DMP does not apply to emergency treatment, treatment the worker did not know was related to a compensable injury, or care directed by WSI or DMP referrals.

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The worker must:

  • Receive and sign an acknowledgement of information about the employer’s DMP selection
  • Seek treatment from the employer’s selected DMP, unless you previously informed the employer in writing of a different provider before an injury occurs.
    • If a you do not treat with the employer’s DMP or the one chosen by you before being injured, it may result in nonpayment of benefits
  • Contact WSI if you no longer wish to treat with the DMP.
    • You must treat with the DMP for 30 days before requesting to change providers to avoid nonpayment of benefits.
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The employer must:

  • Inform the provider, in writing, that they have been selected as their DMP
  • Develop an agreement with the DMP
  • Have a contact person identified for the DMP
  • Inform employees in writing of the DMP selection and their options
  • Obtain a signed and date acknowledgement of the DMP from all employees
  • Display the DMP selection in a place where employees can easily see it
  • Conduct annual training regarding your DMP, must have employee attendance documented
  • Develop transitional work duties so the DMP knows transitional work is available
  • Have detailed job descriptions that can be provided to the DMP at the time of the injury
  • Inform WSI of the DMP selected by completing the Designated Medical Provider Selection Form (using online portal, myWSI) must be submitted yearly
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By working with a DMP who understands your business and shares in the commitment to the safety, health, and well-being of your employees you can:

  • Encourage a safe return to work
  • Reduce the length of time off work
  • Reduce workers’ compensation costs
  • Retain valuable employees through a transitional work program
  • Reduce the risk of re-injury
  • Reduce work replacement cost
  • Use the job as part of the recovery process