Return to Work

The goal of Return-to-Work Services is to return the injured worker to substantial gainful employment as soon as possible after an injury occurs. Emphasis is placed on substantial employment with the pre-injury employer in the injured worker's pre-injury capacity by utilizing transitional (modified or alternate) work.

Depending upon the needs of the injured worker, there are several types of return-to-work services to assist an injured worker in returning to work:

  • Services provided by an on-site nurse case manager (registered nurses at several of the larger medical facilities across North Dakota assist injured workers).             
  • Services provided by a nurse case manager (registered nurses on staff at North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI) who assess options and services needed to support the injured worker during the recovery process, and help them return to work).
  • Vocational rehabilitation services assist in the development of a return-to-work plan.
  • The Preferred Worker Program is a unique part of our return-to-work services.  While this program is designed to encourage the re-employment of North Dakota’s injured workers, it also offers cost-saving incentives to employers participating in the program.