Experience Rating

Experience rating is a projection of future losses using the employer’s past claims history. Your individual experience rate directly impacts the amount of premium you will be charged. While the rate classification system provides for the distribution of premium to various industries and exposures, North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI) offers an experience rating program to further focus premium load within a given industry. Generally, employers with a good loss history are rewarded with premium discounts. Employers with a poor loss history are charged premium above the manual rates.

Qualifications for experience rating:

  • Beginning with an employer's fifth year of North Dakota operations, accounts may be experience rated.
  • Have a minimum aggregate premium of $15,000 over the 3-year experience-rating period.
  • Surcharges have no limits.

For more information, please contact Customer Service at 701-328-3800 or 800-777-5033.