The claims department is WSI’s largest department.  Claim adjusters investigate and manage approximately 20,000 new individual Worker’s Compensation claims each year. The main focus of the department is timely processing and adjudication of claims.  Payments for medical, wage loss and rehabilitation benefits are authorized in this department.

The claims department handles two types of claims, medical only and wage loss.  The goal of the department is to return injured workers back to substantial work as soon as safely possible following their injury. Proactive and early communication with all affected parties is used to facilitate early return to work.

The claims department must work to obtain accurate and relevant information necessary to make a decision on the compensability of a claim and then manage each claim concentrating on minimizing the economic impact to both the employee and employer.  In order to provide an opportunity for employees or employers to report work injuries timely online reporting is available 24 hours a day.  When a claim is initiated early the claims process can be expedited with an emphasis on identification of appropriate medical care and safe return to work plans.