Thank you for your interest in working with North Dakota’s Workforce Safety & Insurance. WSI is an exclusive, employer financed, no-fault insurance state fund covering workplace injuries and deaths. As the sole provider and administrator of the workers’ compensation system in North Dakota, our vision is a safe, secure, and healthy North Dakota workforce.

Our core purpose is to care for injured workers. Finding care for injured workers and helping provide safety services to employers is an extremely rewarding pursuit.

Our shared values are to be loyal, caring, and forthright. These values guide our organization and help us stay true to our vision. All members of our agency embrace these values.

WSI staff work to find the best services and solutions for injured workers, employers, and medical facilities. By providing superior service, employing the best employees, and through financial stability we know we can do what is best for employees, employers, and our staff. We are proud to do our part to ensure a prosperous workforce that is able to fulfill its valuable role in the economic health of North Dakota’s economy.

We hope you will review the opportunities available at WSI and if our core purpose is consistent with your values, we hope you consider applying to serve on our team. Thank you!