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Report Filing Issues

What business can use the Payroll Reporting Service?
Payroll Reporting is available for all business entities except Townships.
How do I get started?
You will need your employer account number and access code to begin filing your report.
Where is my access code?
Your access code is located on the 1st and 3rd pages of the paper Payroll Report form mailed to you from Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI). If you filed your report online last year, you will receive a letter with your access code instead of a paper Payroll Report form.

Please, remember the access code and report filing capability only becomes available on the 16th day of the month in which the account renews. For example, a December ending account could file a report as soon as the access code is available, which is on December 16th.
How will I know what I need to provide on my report?
Payroll Reporting is designed with company specific directions and information. If an account is in our system as a corporation entity, only directions and questions specific to a corporation will appear for you to complete.
What items can I change/update/request online?
  • Business name or address
  • Attention person
  • Entity type
  • Federal Identification Number
  • Officer information
  • Family member information
  • Request elective coverage for any owner/officer/family member
  • Cancel elective coverage
  • Request a reciprocal agreement with any of the six states (SD, WY, ID, WA, OR, UT)
  • Close an account
  • Inform us the business has been sold including to whom, when, new address, last day of wages.
  • Provide information on a PEO service that they are using.
  • Additional information you care to provide to WSI.

What if I only have time to complete a few pages of the report and want to finish it tomorrow?
The Payroll Reporting service will save all completed pages of information that you have submitted. If you leave in the middle of a page without clicking the 'Stop and Return Later' button on it, any data on that page will be lost. When you return the next day, you will need to start on this page again.
If I would like to review any previously provided information, how do I go back to a previous page?
You can click the back button. However, once you have completed the report and hit submit you will not be able to go back in and make changes . After completing the entire filing process, you will have the ability to review all of your filing information.
What if I want to close my account?
You can close your account by checking 'Please close my account', which is found in the first portion of the filing on the Profile Information page. If you passed this page and then decide you want to close the account, this request can be made on the Additional Information Form at the end of the report filing process.
How will I know what rate classification codes to use?
During the report filing process, you will come to a page where all of the rates that are currently on your account will appear. At that time, you will be able to choose 'Yes' or 'No' to the question 'Do you have employees to report in this rate classification?' Choose 'Yes' on all rate classifications that are appropriate for your employees during the payroll period for which you are reporting.
What if I need additional classification codes?
During the report filing process, there will be a question- ‘Do you need to add more classification codes?’ If you need additional codes choose ‘Yes’ and you may either contact an Underwriter immediately to add a new rate class or you may continue with the filing process by using a rate of ‘9999-Unclassified Rate’ that will automatically be added to the account. If you report payroll under 9999, an Underwriter will contact you to assign the correct rate classification.
What is considered compensation/remuneration for an employee's payroll?
Wages, salaries, and commissions are considered payroll. For purpose of workers' compensation, payroll (remuneration) includes any wages reportable to the Internal Revenue Service as earned income. Wages include:
  • Salary or hourly pay.
  • Bonuses.
  • Pay for holiday, vacations, and sick leave.
  • Rental value of a house or apartment provided to a worker as part of pay.
  • Value of meals, lodging, or other gratuities received by a worker as part of pay.
  • Reportable tips.
  • Overtime wages.
  • Employee contributions or cafeteria and 401(k) plans.
How should I format the file I want to attach?
The file should contain one row for each employee with this information in the following order: WSI account number, rate class, SS#, employee's full first and last name, gross payroll (without a $ sign). Example: 9999999 3204 456789012 John Doe 12,345.67
After I submitted my form, I realized that I did not include all my information or entered some information incorrectly. How do I send you more information or send you corrections?
Changes to an already submitted payroll report cannot be made online. You can go to the Additional Information Form or you may contact an Employer Services representative and indicate the changes you would like to have made to your payroll report.
Where is the Additional Information Form?
The 'Additional Information Form' appears at the end of filing, on the 'Submission Confirmation' page. This form is an easy way for you to include additional payroll information, make a spelling change, comment on the system, etc. Please note, changes on the 'Additional Information Form' will not be reflected on the printed Employer Payroll Report. Instead, WSI staff will update those changes in our system prior to processing.
If I finished the report filing process and logged out, can I still add information to the Additional Information Form?
Yes, this form is available whenever you log back into the system after completing your report filing.
If I complete an online payroll report, do I still need to mail in the paper payroll report I received?
No, you do not need to send Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI) the paper payroll report if you successfully completed the online payroll report filing.
Why won't my Excel document attach?
There could be a few possible reasons why your Excel file will not attach. Here are some suggestions:
  • If you get the message: 'The file you have tried to attach does not contain any information or the file does not exist', you may not have the correct filename displayed in the attach box. Use the 'Browse' button to locate your file so that the correct location of your document is chosen. Then retry your attachment again.
  • If you get the message: 'The file you have tried to attach exceeds our acceptable size limitations. You may have an Excel file that is too large for WSI to accept. If your Excel file exceeds 2mb in size, then you will not be able to attach it. If your file is over 2mb in size please contact your Underwriter.If your Excel file does not exceed 2mb in size, then you may be getting this error because you have the file open and the size cannot be determined. Please be sure that your Excel file and the Excel software are closed before trying to attach the document. Then retry your attachment again.
  • If you get the message: ' Please select 'Stop and Return Later' and look at our FAQ page for acceptable browser versions', you may be using an old browser that cannot process a file attachment. Review our PC set up page to see what browsers will support this function. If you do not have an appropriate browser, you will need to update your browser and then retry your attachment again.
  • If you get the message: 'The file you have tried to attach does not fall within our acceptable file formats outlined above OR the file may be open on your computer. Please close the file before trying again', then you may be trying to attach a file that is not an Excel file OR you may have the appropriate type of file but it is open on your PC. Please be sure you are trying to attach an Excel file and be sure that your file and the Excel software are closed before trying to attach the document. Then retry your attachment again.