Disputing a Claim

Decision Review Office (DRO)

DRO provides no-cost assistance to workers attempting to resolve disputed issues on a claim. Decision review specialists help avoid costly and lengthy litigation. The program opens the lines of communication between parties and offers an independent review of the claim. Decision review specialists act on behalf of the worker and communicate directly with WSI staff.

A worker typically makes contact with DRO due to the following:

  • Receipt of a legal order
  • Receipt of a Notice of Decision
  • Receipt of a Notice of Intention to Discontinue / Reduce Benefits

DRO provides the following services:

  • General information regarding workers' compensation processes
  • An explanation of the basis of WSI's decision
  • A review of the claim to identify factors that may justify reconsideration of the claim
  • Possible resolutions (with the worker's input) of the dispute
  • A letter outlining DRO's findings

The information assembled by DRO, including communications from a worker, is privileged and may not be released without the worker's permission.