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What is an Employer ID Number?
An Employer ID Number is a unique six-digit number assigned to an Employer.

How do I locate my Employer ID Number?
Your Employer ID Number can be found in the lower right-hand corner of the address block on a recent Premium Billing Statement, Claim Loss Assessment Billing Statement, or Annual Payroll Report, or by contacting WSI.

Can I maintain and access multiple accounts using one login ID?
Yes. This can be done from the Access Your Account page by clicking on the Register an Account link. The Access Your Account page is the first page displayed after you have entered your Login ID and Password. This page can also be accessed by clicking on the Home selection on the application menu bar.

What types of payment options are available for making payments?
Options are available to make payments either by ACH (your bank account) or credit card. Acceptable credit card options are Visa, Discover, American Express, or MasterCard.

Is there a limit to the size of payment I can make?
You are limited to a premium payment of $99,999.99. Other than that, the only limitation is the credit limit on your credit card.

Can there be more than one Administrator for an account?
Yes. You can have as many Administrators as you want or need. You are required to maintain at least one Administrator.

Can I make a Premium and Claim Loss Assessment Payment at the same time?
Yes, but you can also make just a Premium Payment or just a Claim Loss Assessment Payment if you wish.

How much billing history can I access?
You can access all Premium Billing and Claim Loss Assessment Billing Statements with a bill notice date within the last year.

Can I update policy profile information?
No. Currently, there is no provision to update policy profile information from this application.

Can I access the Online Payroll Report or claim loss information from this application?
No. Future enhancements are planned that will provide the ability to access these online services and information from within this application.

I have concerns about sending company and credit card information over the internet. Is my information secure?
Yes, your information is secure. All information that is entered or submitted through our online services is encrypted as it travels across the Internet. By doing this, there is no way that anyone could understand the data if they were able to intercept it. We are using Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) technology. To verify when your information is being run through SSL security, look for a 'lock' icon on the bottom status bar of your browser as shown below.

  • Internet Explorer

  • Netcape Navigator

What happens if I do not logout of the application using the 'Logout' selection from the menu bar?
The application will time out if there is no activity for thirty minutes. If the application times out, you will be redirected back to the "Welcome to Employer Account" page.