Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I have lost my Preferred Worker Card. Am I able to get a new card issued to me?

A:  Yes. Contact the Preferred Worker Program Coordinator by mail or e-mail your request to We will issue a new card within a couple days of your request.

Q:  If I am approved for the Preferred Worker Program and become a participant, do I have to use these benefits or tell my employer that I am a Preferred Worker?

A:  If you want to use the benefits the program offers, you will need to fill out your Preferred Worker Identification Card with your employer. If, for some reason, you choose not to use these benefits after becoming enrolled in the program, you do not have to use them. You do not have to let your employer know that you are a Preferred Worker either. The choice is yours.

Q:  I haven't had to look for a job in a long time. Can the Preferred Worker Program help me with my job seeking skills?

A:  Yes, we do offer services that may help you. On our web site, you will find related links to job fairs, job openings and job services. Our website also has information on Job Seeking Skills Workshops coming up in various areas of North Dakota. Please note that the Preferred Worker Program cannot directly place you into a specific job.

Q:  I am going to be working at a job in Minnesota this summer. Can I use the Preferred Worker Program benefits out-of-state?

A:  Possibly, if your employer has an account with WSI that covers employees that work out-of -state.

Q:  I found a job that I think could be a good match. My employer thinks it is a possibility, but isn't quite sure if it will work out. Can the Preferred Worker Program help with this?

A:  Yes. The Preferred Worker Program will send someone out to perform a worksite analysis (upon request) to determine appropriate job placement. We can make suggestions, but the decision will ultimately be between you and your employer.

Q:  Can the Preferred Worker Program benefits be used for part-time employment?

A:  Yes. Benefits are available for workers who are part-time, temporary, or full-time.

Q:  How is the Preferred Worker Program funded?

A:  It is funded by what is known as the WSI general fund. This is a fund established to absorb charges not charged to the employer's account.

Q:  An employer would like to hire me but, with my history of injuries, he states he cannot take the risk. How can the Preferred Worker Program help in this situation?

A:  This is the very situation for which the program was designed. Probably the best incentive for the employer in this particular case is the claim costs reimbursement. You need to express the importance of this to your employer. Also stress the importance of the premium exemption. For some employers, depending on the type of work, this can be very beneficial. Lastly, you need to become an advocate for yourself. Ask the employer if you can try out the job to see if it is a match. The employer has nothing to lose and possibly may gain a new worker.

Q:  Can WSI assist me with relocation expenses if I secure employment elsewhere?

A:  Yes. The Preferred Worker Program may provide relocation assistance to move your household where you have actually located work and if the distance is greater than 35 miles from your primary residence.