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Video Resource Library

(B) = Booklet, (C) = CD (support materials), (D) = DVD, (V) = Video

Please check out our newer titles indicated in orange.

Bloodborne Pathogens / First Aid Chemical Safety Children / Teenage Safety
Confined Space Construction Cranes / Forklifts / Rigging / Oil Well
Driver Training Electrical Safety Ergonomics
Fall Protection Fire / Emergency General Safety
Grain Handling Safety Groundskeeping Hazardous Materials
Healthcare Industry Laboratory Lockout / Tagout
Personal Protective Equipment Scaffolding Spanish Videos
Substance Abuse Supervisory Training Tool and Machine Safety
Welding and Cutting Workers Compensation / Return to Work / Fraud  

Supervisory Training

Accident Investigation

Video Training Source, Inc. (1995)
Time: 21 minutes #VLSU013 (B) (V)
This video teaches recognized, complete accident investigation techniques.

Accident Investigation

BNA Communications, Inc. (ELK 002)
Time: 13 minutes #VLSU002 (V) (B)
This program clearly defines what an accident is and provides guidelines on when to investigate such an occurrence. Most important, the video explains why a near miss should be considered a potential accident in the future. Viewers will learn the five questions you must ask to determine the cause of an accident, the three major contributing factors to accidents, tips for conducting successful interviews, and more.

Accident Investigation: The Big Picture

Coastal (2002, 2004)
Time: 18 minutes #VLSU031 (D)
This innovative program discusses unsafe working conditions and will help your workers explore creative solutions that prevent future accidents.

Behavior-Based Safety Management

Time: 21 minutes #VLSU014 (V)
A senior safety engineer from Proctor and Gamble discusses how behavior-based safety management was used effectively in their company. He discusses how the major efforts in safety should be developed to change employee behaviors, not attitudes.

Coaching Safety Performance - Job Safety Analysis

Coastal (2004)
Time: 15 minutes #VLSU030 (B) (D) (V)
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a way of planning ahead, a way to spot problems before they become accidents. JSA focuses only on those steps that create a hazard to the safety or health of personnel. This program is designed to help prepare a JSA.
- Preparing for the JSA
- Self-inspection
- Identifying job steps

First Step To Safety

BNA Communications, Inc.
Time: 10 minutes #VLSU003 (V) (B)
Learn how to control, or completely eliminate, safety hazards. Safety hazards are everywhere - some are obvious, some aren't. This video demonstrates a simple but effective way to eliminate or control safety hazards. By highlighting unsafe workplaces, processes, and machinery, it shows you how to list the hazards, eliminate those you are responsible for, and request action to remove those hazards outside your authority.

Harassment Is...Healthcare Version

Coastal (2006)
Time: 21 minutes #VLSU033 (D)
This popular program will raise awareness regarding harassment and will explain the do's and don'ts of creating a respectful workplace for everyone. This DVD includes: Define and identify the various types and forms of harassment, Follow guidelines to prevent harassment and Respond to harassment.

Incident Reporting: You Can Save A Life

Coastal (1996, 2005)
Time: 15 minutes #VLSU034 (D)
Using an It's A Wonderful Life theme, this powerful video program teaches workers the importance of following acceptable safety standards, controlling hazards and reporting unsafe work conditions - before incidents become accidents.

Lila's Story - (Healthcare Customer Service)

Coastal (2000, 2005)
Time: 14 minutes #VLSU035 (D)
Customer satisfaction does not happen accidentally. It requires deliberate actions on our part to identify and then satisfy customer expectations. This new video program features a veteran healthcare worker who shows us how she has learned to treat the hospital and its visitors with the best of care.

Meeting Openers

American Training Resources
Time: 10 minutes #VLSU004 (V)
An excellent introduction to any safety meeting - it shows a series of accidents involving workers of warehouses, factories, offices, and construction. Includes: "It Only Takes a Second" and "Life is for Living".

New Principles of Safety Management

American Contractors Insurance Group, Inc. (1992)
Time: 1 hour, 34 minutes #VLSU005 (V)

On the Front-Line: Supervisor Training on Managing Safety

Core Media (2000)
Time: 49 minutes #VLSU008 (B) (V)
Why Safety Accountability - 17 minutes
Define - 16 minutes
Measure and Reward - 16 minutes
Supervisors are the link between management and the work force. They are the filter through which management's message is communicated. An ineffective supervisor can create a disjointed, disgruntled, risk-taking, less productive work force. An effective supervisor can create an organized, cooperative, safety-minded, productive work force. The difference is in how they approach their work and their people. If the supervisor expects safe work practices and holds their employees accountable for safe work practices, they will get them.

OSHA: An Introduction

Coastal (2004)
Time: 19 minutes #VLSU036 (D)
No losses are acceptable when it comes to workplace injuries or fatalities, so the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was established to develop and enforce job safety and health standards. This video program will familiarize you and your employees with the mission and workings of OSHA

OSHA Recordkeeping: True to Form

Coastal (2004)
Time: 31 minutes #VLSU037 (D)
Due to criticisms of paperwork, reporting issues and interpretation of terms, OSHA revised and simplified recordkeeping and reporting. This video provides an important overview of changes for safety directors and managers, safety committee members, human resources managers, and anyone responsible for safety and insurance paperwork.

OSHA Top Ten

Coastal (2002, 2006)
Time: 25 minutes #VLSU038 (D)
This exciting program will point out the 10 most serious violations of the OSHA Standards for General Industry.

Practical Behavior-Based Safety

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. (1997)
Time: 30 minutes #VLSU028 (B) (V)
Divided into five modules, the manual explains how to: observe behavior, develop a critical behavior checklist, give appropriate feedback, train employees on behavior-based safety techniques, maintain safety improvement, and more. Also includes 30 minute motivational video featuring Dr. E. Scott Geller.

Pro-Active Safety Attitudes: Looking Out for Number One

Coastal (2000, 2004)
Time: #VLSU039 (D)
This DVD takes a unique look at safety and safety training. It underscores the importance of safety equipment and safety habits and demands that all employees take responsibility for safety. It covers Prevention and protection, Reenactments of real-life accidents to motivate workers to take precautions and Interviews with actual workers.

Safety Coach: The 7 C's of Safety

Coastal (2001, 2005)
Time: 19 minutes #VLSU009 (B) (D) (V)
Featuring Florida State head football coach Bobby Bowden, this training package is packed with information showing supervisors and employees how to actively support a safety workplace.
- The power of reinforcement: confirm safe actions; correct - don't criticize
- The power of relationships: conciliation - resolve conflict; care about employees; collaboration - involve everyone in improving safety
- The power of information: clarify.

Safety Leadership for Everyone

American Training Resources
Time: 23 minutes #VLSU029 (V)
Often the only difference between a world-class safety operation and a program struggling to move beyond regulatory compliance, is the courage and willingness to put safety leadership into action. In this video, safety professional, Tom Harvey, discusses the traits that make a good safety leader. Several true-to-life situations in the workplace are used to illustrate his points. Stressed in the program is the fact that all of us can be safety leaders no matter what job or title we hold. Topics include:
- Connecting safety messages with actions
- Setting examples
- Why safety prizes often donít work
- Recognizing safe actions of co-workers
- Employee-powered safety

Safety Orientation: It Takes A Winning Attitude

Coastal (1996, 2004)
Time: 18 minutes #VLSU040 (D)
Using a sporty soccer intro, this program gives employees an overview of workplace safety. Having a winning attitude and taking necessary steps to protect themselves will ensure that your workers score points in the game of safety.

Safety Orientation On Alert

Coastal (2003, 2004)
Time: 21:88 minutes #VLSU041 (D)
Introducing training that features 8 segments of core compliance training to include: Slips, Trips and Falls, Back Safety, Hazard Communication, Bloodborne Pathogens, Personal Protective Equipment, Lockout/Tagout, Fire Safety and Evacuation.

Safety Orientation On Alert

Coastal (2003, 2004)
Time: 44:93 minutes #VLSU043 (D) (B)
This DVD features a total of 15 segments of core compliance training. The first 8 segments are: Forklift Safety, EAP, Chemical Handling, Electrical Safety, Ergonomics, Machine Guarding and DOT Hazmat. This DVD also offers an additional eight segments, which can be activated from the program's menu for a total of 15 segments. The additional 7 segments include: Slips, Trips and Falls, Back Safety, Hazard Communication, Bloodborne Pathogens, Personal Protective Equipment, Lockout/Tagout, Fire Safety and Evacuation.

Safety Success for Managers and Team Leaders

Tel-A-Train (1997)
Time: 21 minutes #VLSU010 (B) (V)
- Workplace safety
- Employee behaviors
- Physical plant
- Behavioral principles, motivation, work climate, and management behavior.

Safety Success for Safety Teams and Committees

Tel-A-Train (1997)
Time: 21 minutes #VLSU011 (V) (B)
The program discusses the kinds of activities a safety team or committee might undertake, and some basic principles for working effectively as a group. Other topics discussed include:
- Why safety teams and committees fail
- Activities of safety teams and committees.

Sink or Swim Teamwork: We're All In This Together

Briefings Publishing Group (2004)
Time: 17 minutes #VLSU044 (B) (D)
This DVD is for managers and employees who want to build teamwork cooperation. It demonstrates techniques on how to be a team player, give your best to the team and work effectively with teammates. It is presented in a memorable, documentary-style format. You and your team will discover how to: Self-manage tasks and achieve goals as a team, Apply the 4 guiding principles for becoming a true-blue team player, Cooperate- no matter it it's a big assignment or just a routine office task, Work effectively and productively with teammates using the CLING method, Employ simple communication techniques that build respect and trust-hallmarks of great teamwork and much more.

S.T.A.R.T.: Supervisor Training in Accident Reduction Techniques

Core Media (1992) #VLSU006 (V)
This four-video series, along with training booklets, discusses the benefits of starting a safety culture, recognizing and investigating unsafe behavior, educating and motivating, and getting results.

S.T.A.R.T. II: The Way We Work

Core Media (1992) #VLSU007 (V) (B)
This two-video series and booklet will help implement a safety culture for all employees in your company. It is designed for supervisors who have been trained in S.T.A.R.T. to use for training their employees.

Supervisor Safety Responsibility

Long Island Productions (1995)
Time: 7 minutes #VLSU012 (V)
Training in hazard areas and elements of an effective safety program.
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