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Video Resource Library

(B) = Booklet, (C) = CD (support materials), (D) = DVD, (V) = Video

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Confined Space Construction Cranes / Forklifts / Rigging / Oil Well
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Fall Protection Fire / Emergency General Safety
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Confined Space

Confined Space, A Refresher For Life!

Changent Systems (2006)
Time: 34 minutes #VLCS014 (D)
Showing locations and equipment suitable for all industries, this program provides essential content for annual or pre-job refresher training on confined space entry. It is composed of the following 10 easy to view sections: Defining Confining-defines the key elements of a confined space, Back to Basics-covers the physical characteristics and 4 hazardous atmosphere types, Isolation Orientation -discusses the most common isolation methods used today, Cleaning and Purging -identifies the proper methods for cleaning and purging a confined space, Test Your Space- covers common air quality testing steps and procedures, Equipped for Entry -covers necessary equipment and PPE for safe entry, Please Standby -lists the responsibilities and qualifications for confined space entry standby personnel, Checklist Elements -discusses the content and use of a confined space entry checklist, Entry -covers the key steps for entry and working within a confined space and Restore the Space -covers steps needed to return the space to service.

Confined Space Case Histories

Coastal (1995, 2005)
Time: 14 minutes #VLCS004 (D)
A lot of things can happen in the workplace. You will see what goes on when employees work in a confined space. In this video program, re-enactments of real-life confined space accidents emphasize the importance of following proper confined space safety procedures. Once your workers see and hear these gruesome stories, they will be hard-pressed not to follow proper procedures.
- Safe atmospheric testing and monitoring
- Training the entry team
- Ventilation
- Personal protective equipment

Confined Space Entry

Time: 14 minutes #VLCS003 (V)
Identify types of confined spaces, learn safe operating procedures to follow, and understand what type of personal protective equipment is needed to keep your employees safe.

Confined Space Entry - Construction

Coastal (1992)
Time: 10 minutes #VLCS001 (V)
This video identifies hazards, requirements for entry permits, and duties of a confined space entry team.

Confined Space Entry: Inside Maneuvers

Coastal (1997, 2004)
Time: 22 minutes #VLCS008 (B) (D) (V)
Working in a confined space is a lot like working in a submarine - space is tight, atmospheric conditions are critical, and potential hazards abound. This dynamic program uses the USS Atlanta, a United States Naval submarine, and its crew as a dramatic backdrop to compare the dangers of working in a submarine to that of working in a confined space. It covers:
- Space hazards
- Atmospheric testing
- Team responsibilities

Confined Space Entry: Investigation

Coastal (2003)
Time: 23 minutes #VLCS010 (D)
This features the training content of Coastal's Confined Space Entry: Investigation video. It investigates two real confined space accidents, what happened, what went wrong and how they could have been prevented.

Confined Space Entry - Permit Required

Coastal (1993, 2006)
Time: 21 minutes #VLCS002 (B) (D) (V)
This will help protect your employees from the dangers of working in confined spaces. Complies with OSHA 1910.146. It covers:
- Entry permit requirements
- Safe atmospheric testing to verify air quality
- Safety measures including: equipment and emergency situations

Confined Space Entry - Safe in 8

Coastal (2002, 2005)
Time: 8 minutes #VLCS011 (D)
Quick refresher.

Confined Space: Non-Entry Rescue

Coastal (2005)
Time: 20 minutes #VLCS012 (D)
This program reviews the dangers of confined spaces and the responsibilities of the attendant as well as how to get someone out without endangering yourself.

Confined Space Rescue

Video Training Source, Inc. (1991)
Time: 34 minutes #VLCS006 (V)

Confined Space Rescue

Coastal (2005)
Time: 31 minutes #VLCS005 (B) (D) (V)
Of more than 1.6 million workers who enter confined spaces each year, approximately 63 die. But more alarming is that 60% who die are untrained rescuers who are killed in an attempt to rescue someone. OSHA requires that a trained, equipped rescue team be available whenever employees work in confined spaces.
- Worker orientation
- OSHA rescue requirements
- Developing the rescue team
- Psychological aspects

Confined Space Safety

Video Training Source, Inc.
Time: 24 minutes #VLCS007 (V)

Confined Space Ventilation

Coastal (2005)
Time: 18 minutes #VLCS013 (D) (B)
Special safety precautions required for confined space ventilation are reviewed in this important video program, along with how and when to ventilate.
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