NIOSH Provides Safety and Health Training for Nurses

August 2015

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has developed a two-part online training course to educate nurses and their managers about the health and safety risks associated with shift work, long work hours, and related workplace fatigue issues and relay strategies in the workplace and in the nurse’s personal life to reduce these risks. Part 1 is designed to increase knowledge about the wide range of risks linked to these work schedules and related fatigue issues and promote understanding about why these risks occur. This knowledge provides background information for Part 2 of the training program. Part 2 is designed to increase knowledge about personal behaviors and workplace systems to reduce these risks. Content for this training program is derived from scientific literature on shift work, long work hours, sleep, and circadian rhythms.  Together both parts are eligible for 3.2 contact hours.  Follow this link for more information and to launch the training.