Provider Remittance Advice

WSI issues remittance advices to providers for processed medical bills each Friday.  The remittance advice details the payment or denial of medical charges and includes codes on any additional action a provider may need to take.  For example, some reason codes may indicate that WSI has denied a bill due to lack of liability, while others may indicate WSI denied a bill due to lack of medical documentation or that the medical information sent does not support the billed charges and that a provider may appeal a payment decision. 

To assist in the interpretation of the remittance advice, a provider should refer to the How to Read the WSI Remittance Advice document. This reference includes a sample remittance advice, along with definitions for significant fields within the remittance advice. The WSI Remittance Advice Reason Codes document provides a comprehensive listing and description of all the reason codes utilized by WSI.