Helpful Links

In an effort to keep teen workers safe, the following links provide a wide range of information, from the permitted types of employment to information on safety and health hazards in the workplace.

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Teenage Workers

The following links provide teenage workers with information about their employer’s responsibilities, their own responsibilities, worker rights, and on the job safety.
Youth Safety Rules 
General Industry Safety Laws 
Construction Safety Laws 


The following links provide helpful information to employers on the state and federal labor laws for teenage workers.
North Dakota Century Code - Title 34 - Labor and Employment 
Federal Labor Laws 

Other helpful links

Child Labor Provisions for Nonagricultural Occupations under the Fair Labor Standards Act
Making Sure Your Teen’s Job is Safe
Young Workers at Risk
Talking Safety
Talking Safety - A Safety & Health Curriculum for Young Workers

*Note: This page contains rules and requirements that do not necessarily apply to North Dakota