Physical Demand Information

Following are the descriptions of the five terms with which the Physical Demand is expressed for an eight-hour work day. A more in-depth description is provided after the table listing.

Physical Demand LevelLifting Occurrences
Occasional (0-3 hrs.)Frequent (3-6 hrs.)Constant (6-8 hrs.)
SedentaryUp to 10 lbs.NegligibleNegligible
LightUp to 20 lbs.10 lbs. and/or walk/stand/push/pull of arm/leg controlsNegligible and/or push/pull of arm/leg controls while seated
MediumUp to 50 lbs.10-25 lbs.Negligible
HeavyUp to 75 lbs.25-50 lbs.10-20 lbs.

In-Depth Description

Sedentary Work

Occasionally lifting up to 10 pounds. Sedentary work involves sitting most of the time, but may involve walking or standing for brief periods of time.

Light Work

Occasionally lifting up to 20 pounds, and/or up to 10 pounds of force frequently. Even though the weight lifted may be a lesser amount, a job should be rated light work if: 1) the job requires walking or standing to a significant degree; 2) the job requires sitting most of the time, but entails pushing and/or pulling of arm of leg controls; and/or 3); the job requires working at a set production rate to entail constantly moving a weight less than 10 pounds.

Medium Work

Occasionally lifting up to 50 pounds, and/or moving 10 - 25 pounds frequently.

Heavy Work

Occasionally lifting up to 75 pounds, and/or frequently moving 25 - 50 pounds, and/or constantly moving 10 - 20 pounds.

Frequency Classifications:

Occasionally is defined as up to one-third of the time.
Frequently is defined as occurring one-third to two-thirds of the time.
Constantly is defined as occurring more than two-thirds of the time.