WSI believes that every worker deserves a safe work environment and every employer deserves to have his or her workers safe on the job, without the risk of a workplace injury. WSI is dedicated to creating a safe, secure, and healthy North Dakota workforce.

WSI consists of Employers Services, Injury Services, and Administrative Services functions.

Administrative Services

  • Communications
    • Provides support and expertise communicating with internal and external audiences. This includes assistance and direction for all agency communication projects.
  • Decision Review Office
    • Resolves disputes between injured workers and WSI, acting on behalf of workers to identify factors that may justify reconsideration of claims decisions.
  • Facility Management
    • Provides oversight of the maintenance, safety, and security operations of the Century Center building and field offices. This includes the first response team for security and medical emergency responses and leading the Safety Incident team.
  • Human Resources
    • Provides support and expertise in the management of personnel. This includes staff development, compensation and benefits, and advice on personnel issues.
  • Information Services
    • Provides information management products and services for the organization. Functions include software engineering, business analysis, project management, and technical services.
  • Internal Audit
    • Provides audit services to management and the Board of Directors. The focus is on independent and objective audits to improve operations, risk management, and governance processes.
  • Legal
    • Provides opinions, draft administrative legal orders, oversight of the administrative hearing process and review of contracts. In addition, the team assists in resolution of employer services disputes, collections issues, and subrogation.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Provides statistical tracking of performance measures, identifying areas needing improvement, and new strategic initiatives that would serve to improve the overall efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Special Investigations
    • Provides investigation resources for claims adjudication, employer and medical provider non-compliance, and fraud.

Employer Services

  • Loss Control
    • Provides administration of safety incentive programs and safety grants to the policyholders. Additionally, this group provides loss control consultations, safety education and training services.
  • Policyholder Services
    • Provides underwriting, premium billing, auditing and collection services to approximately 22,500 active policyholders. This unit includes Underwriting, Premium Audit, and Collections.

Injury Services

  • Claims
    • Provides processing and adjudication of approximately 26,000 new individual claims each year. This is in addition to the management of claims already on file. Payments of medical, wage-loss and rehabilitation benefit payments are also authorized in this department.
  • Customer Service
    • Provides a central phone call resolution center for all departments and claims administrative assistance.
  • Medical Services & Pharmacy
    • Provides educational and administrative services to the medical community. Functions include: bill review and payment; review of medical services and prescriptions for appropriateness; liaison with medical community; and validation of PPI evaluations.
  • Office Services
    • Provides record and office management services for the organization. Functions include paper and electronic file management, new claim registration, forms management, mail processing, photocopying, incoming fax services and data entry of medical and non-medical bills.
  • Return-to-Work
    • Provides medical and vocational assistance in the recovery of injured workers. Functions include Medical Case Management, Vocational Case Management and Preferred Worker Program.