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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do we need to have all parties present to file a claim?
No, only one of the three parties need be present. The general information section should always be completed. If more than one party is present their appropriate section may be completed. (e.g. If the Medical Provider is not present then the medical provider section should not be completed)
What is the "Primary" body part?
This is only applicable if more than one body part is injured. The primary body part is the part of body that has the more severe injury.
What is the OSHA Log Number?
Do I still need to complete an OSHA Form 301?
OSHA requires certain employers to maintain the OSHA 300 Form, which is a log of their work-related injuries and illnesses. Each entry is identified by a case number that is commonly referred to as the log number. Each log entry must also have an accompanying Injury and Illness Incident Report (OSHA's Form 301) or it's equivalent. OSHA has allowed our FROI to serve as an equivalent form if it contains all of the information asked for on their Form 301. WSI added the box on the FROI to list the OSHA log number so employers can use the FROI as a substitute for their OSHA 301. If an employer does not need to maintain an OSHA log, or if they do not wish to use our FROI as an equivalent form for the OSHA 301, they do not need to place any information in that box. It is there only as a convenience for employers.

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