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Processing Issues

What is considered compensation/remuneration for an employee's payroll?
Wages, salaries, and commissions are considered payroll. For purpose of workers' compensation, payroll (remuneration) includes any wages reportable to the Internal Revenue Service as earned income. Wages include:
  • Salary or hourly pay.
  • Bonuses and commissions.
  • Pay for holiday, vacations, and sick leave.
  • Rental value of a house or apartment provided to a worker as part of pay.
  • Value of meals, lodging, or other gratuities received by a worker as part of pay.
  • Reportable tips.
  • Overtime wages.
  • Employer contributions or cafeteria and 401(k) plans.
After I submitted my form, I realized that I did not include all my information or entered some information incorrectly. How do I send you more information or send you corrections?
Changes to an already submitted application cannot be made online. You will need to contact a Employer Services representative and indicate the changes you would like to have made to your application for insurance. Refer to our  Contact Us  page for local and toll-free customer service phone numbers. A Employer Services representative will be in contact with you at a later date to underwrite your application or if immediate attention is required, refer to our  Contact Us page for local & toll free phone #'s.

Do I need to send in a signed copy of my application?
No. The signature on the paper forms is mainly for verification that you have read the Fraud Warning. By typing "yes" in the box provided (Fraud Warning page), you are verifying that you have read the Fraud Warning online and your application information is accurate.
If I complete an online application for insurance, do I still need to mail in the paper application I received?
No, you do not need to send Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI) the application you received if you successfully completed the online application for insurance.

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