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Video Resource Library

(B) = Booklet, (C) = CD (support materials), (D) = DVD, (V) = Video

Please check out our newer titles indicated in orange.

Bloodborne Pathogens / First Aid Chemical Safety Children / Teenage Safety
Confined Space Construction Cranes / Forklifts / Rigging / Oil Well
Driver Training Electrical Safety Ergonomics
Fall Protection Fire / Emergency General Safety
Grain Handling Safety Groundskeeping Hazardous Materials
Healthcare Industry Laboratory Lockout / Tagout
Personal Protective Equipment Scaffolding Spanish Videos
Substance Abuse Supervisory Training Tool and Machine Safety
Welding and Cutting Workers Compensation / Return to Work / Fraud  

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Disposable Respirators Exposure Control

Coastal (2004)
Time: 12 minutes #VLPPE026 (D)
Compliant with OSHA's Respiratory Protection standard (1910.134), includes important information for employees who wear disposable respirators on the job. Simple dust masks to disposable half-mask styles with cartridges are covered.

Eye Care and Safety

Video Training Source, Inc.
Time: 15 minutes #VLPPE001 (V)

Eye Protection: Safety Bite

Long Island Productions (1995)
Time: 6 minutes #VLPPE002 (V)
Discusses eye hazards in the workplace and how to protect against them.

Eye Protection: See the Whole Picture

Coastal (1999, 2004)
Time: 19 minutes #VLPPE003 (B) (D) (V)
This program will help your employees understand the importance of proper eye protection. Reviewing essential procedures, it focuses on avoiding eye injuries and emergency procedures should an accident occur. It covers:
- Types of eye hazards and protection needed
- Employee and employer responsibilities
- Emergency treatment for eye injuries
- Eye safety at home

Eye Protection: Why Gamble

Coastal (2005)
Time: 24 minutes #VLPPE017 (D)
Compliance with OSHA's Eye Protection Standard (1910.133) is made easier with this award-winning video program. It reviews how to avoid injury as well as emergency procedures to follow if an accident should occur.

Eye Safety

Aurora Pictures
Time: 10 minutes #VLPPE004 (V) (B)
This video delivers important information on eye protection with a unique emphasis on personal responsibility, i.e., keeping it clean and use of proper equipment. The viewer is provided with three steps to eye safety that are extremely easy to relate to and understand. Interviews with "real" people who would have lost their eyesight if they hadn't been wearing eye protection. This video provides powerful reinforcement for safe behavior.

Hand Protection

Coastal (1998)
Time: 22 minutes #VLPPE005 (B) (V)
This video and guidebook focuses on the hazards you may encounter in your workplace. It will also outline protective equipment and safety guidelines to help you prevent hand injuries on the job.

Hand Protection: Lessons for a Lifetime

Coastal (2004)
Time: 20 minutes #VLPPE018 (D) (B)
We take our hands for granted - that is, until something dreadful happens. This program features workers who recount their experiences with hand injuries. Very motivational!

Hand Safety

Aurora Pictures (1991)
Time: 10 minutes #VLPPE006 (B) (V)
Discusses consequences of hand injuries. Dramatic interviews with people who have suffered hand injuries combined with realistic wrong way/right way scenarios delivers a powerful message.

Hand Safety - It's In Your Hands

Coastal (2006)
Time: 20 minutes #VLPPE019 (D)
Each year, 180,000 people suffer hand injuries. Yet, these injuries are preventable when the correct precautions are taken. This program takes a look at common workplace hazards your workers face and how to prevent hand injuries that may be caused by them. It covers wearing the right hand protection, using machine guards, using the right tool for the task, keeping equipment in proper working order and taking good care of gloves.

Hearing Protection

Video Training Source, Inc.
Time: 20 minutes #VLPPE007 (V)

Hearing Protection: It Makes Sense

Coastal (1998, 2004)
Time: 22 minutes #VLPPE008 (B) (D) (V)
Don't take your ability to hear for granted. With effective monitoring, testing, and administrative and engineering controls, you'll be able to protect your hearing - but, wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment is most important. It covers:
- The human ear
- Preventing hearing loss
- Audiometric testing
- Engineering and administrative controls

Hearing Conservation: Noise Under Control

DuPont Sustainable Solutions – (2012)
Time: 19 minutes - #VLPPE010 (D)
Noise is all around us; at work, at home, and in the car. With all of the noise that is associated with the machinery and technology we surround ourselves with every day, it is critical to be alert to hazardous noise. Many times hearing loss happens gradually and by the time we realize it, it's too late to turn back the clock. That's the case for a couple of the characters in this selection. During this program your employees will see how their choices today can have an everlasting effect on their future. This program will also help your employees learn to recognize high noise hazards, identify actions to take for preventing hearing loss and understand the importance of wearing proper hearing protection.

Hearing Protection: Real, Real-Life

Coastal (2005)
Time: 17 minutes #VLPPE020 (D)
Hearing is easily taken for granted - until damage or loss occurs. This features the training content of Coastal's Hearing Protection: Real, Real-Life® video, and teaches your employees the value of proper hearing protection and easy methods to accomplish it.

Hearing Protection: Safe in 8

Coastal (2002, 2005)
Time: 8 minutes #VLPPE021 (D)
Quick refresher.

Hearing Protection: Sounds Good To Me

Coastal (2005)
Time: 14 minutes #VLPPE022 (D) (B)
This program covers the importance of proper hearing protection. It discusses the effect noise has on the human ear, plus personal protective equipment and controlling harmful noise.

(The) Hearing Video (Humorous)

Workers' Compensation Board of BC (1997) (F.I.N.A.L.E)
Time: 17 minutes #VLPPE013 (V)

Personal Protective Equipment

Time: 9 minutes #VLPPE015 (V)
This video program discusses all aspects of PPE, including safe use and maintenance, total body protection and hazard assessment.

Personal Protective Equipment: Real, Real-Life

Coastal (1998, 2004)
Time: 15 minutes #VLPPE009 (B) (D) (V)
You encourage your employees to make decisions, but, as you know, they don't always make the right ones. This unique interactive video training package takes through some "real-life" situations and forces them to think about how they would respond. It encourages them to make life-or-death decisions - right from the safety of their seats.
- Awareness, attitude, action
- Proper use of personal protective equipment
- Knowing equipment limitations
- Cleaning and storing PPE

Personal Protective Equipment - Safe in 8

Coastal (2001, 2005)
Time: 8 minutes #VLPPE023 (D)
Quick refresher.

Personal Protective Equipment: Win the Race to Safety

Coastal (1999, 2004)
Time: 19 minutes #VLPPE024 (D)
This exciting and fast-paced Trainer's Toolkit® features NASCAR star Bobby Labonte. It compares the extreme dangers of auto racing to the industrial hazards workers encounter every day on the job. This program discusses all aspects of PPE including safe use and maintenance, total body protection and hazard assessment.

PPE: Don't Start Work Without It

Coastal (2003, 2004)
Time: 15 minutes #VLPPE016 (D)
Different parts of the body and different hazards require different forms of PPE. Teach your employees to use the right equipment for each job and use it correctly.
- Eye and face protection
- Hearing protection
- Head protection
- Hand and foot protection
- Basic PPE rules

Protecting Your Feet: Learning the ABC's

Coastal (1993, 2006)
Time: 18 minutes #VLPPE025 (D)
Practicing good housekeeping and maintaining strong and healthy feet are just two of the tips revealed in this important program. Complies with OSHA 1910.136.

Respiratory Protection

Long Island Productions (1995)
Time: 6 minutes #VLPPE011 (V)
Basic safety rules of respiratory protection.

Respiratory Protection: A Breath of Fresh Air

Coastal (2004)
Time: 18 minutes #VLPPE027 (D)
This vital program thoroughly details OSHA standard 1910.134 and will help workers avoid exposure to airborne hazardous substances.

Respiratory Protection: Another World

Coastal (1998, 2004)
Time: 22 minutes #VLPPE012 (B) (D) (V)
This DVD will help your facility comply with OSHA 1910.134 and help workers avoid exposure to hazardous airborne substances that can lead to serious health effects and other chronic illnesses.
- Hazardous atmospheres you may face on the job
- Respirator types and selection
- Your employer's written respiratory protection plan
- Medical evaluation
- Fit-testing
- Respirator maintenance
- Inspection
- Cleaning
- Storage

Without Motorcycle Helmets, We All Pay the Price

NHTSA, U.S. Department of Transportation (1998)
Time: 17 minutes #VLPPE014 (B) (V)
Discusses how a comprehensive motorcycle safety program prevents crashes, prevents injuries, and reduces the severity of motor-vehicle-related crash injuries. It explains why helmet laws work and the potential costs of not wearing a helmet.
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