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Video Resource Library

(B) = Booklet, (C) = CD (support materials), (D) = DVD, (V) = Video

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Electrical Safety

2012 NFPA 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Produced by: ERI, Distributed by: Aurora Pictures (2011)
Time: 27 minutes -#VLES016 (D)
The National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, is the leading authority on electrical safety, especially in relation to protecting electrical workers from burn injuries associated with arc blasts. The most recent 2012 NFPA 70E standard has many changes and updates as compared to the outdated 2009 edition. In this program, the dual hazards of electric shock and arc flash are clearly explained and highlighted with dramatic arc flash footage, full-scale explosions and realistic reenactments of flammable clothing ignition due to arc flash incidents. While convincing your workers of the importance of wearing proper PPE, the video also explains the critical parts of the 2012 70E standard in detail. Topics include qualified electrical worker requirements, creating an electrically safe working condition, confirming a zero energy state, energized electrical work permits, approach boundaries, incident energy level, arc flash boundaries, hazard risk categories and how to properly dress for arc flash protection.

Appliance Safety Quiz

Video Place Worldwide: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
Time: 25 minutes #VLES001 (V)
How well do you really know your household appliances? Test your knowledge about electrical appliance safety and understand how they work.

Beware the Bite: Electrical Safety

Coastal (1996, 2004)
Time: 20 minutes #VLES002 (B) (D) (V)
A sudden and unexpected electrical shock is like the bite of a poisonous snake! This video shows workers how to protect themselves from this controllable hazard and what to do if danger strikes. It covers information on conductivity, levels of protection, lockout/tagout, personal protective equipment and emergency response.

Electrical Emergencies: Proper Response

Coastal (2004)
Time: 15 minutes #VLES013 (D) (B)
When faced with an emergency such as electrical shock or an electrical fire, initial response can literally save lives. This program covers crucial information such as the three levels of electric shock, common causes and classifications of fire and proper first aid measures for victims of shock or smoke inhalation.

Electrical Hazards: Avoid the Risk

Coastal (2004)
Time: 12 minutes #VLES014 (D)
This program discusses safe work practices that everyone working around electricity should employ to avoid electrical shock or electrocution. It provides guidelines for working with electrical circuits, proper grounding procedures and controlling electricity by using proper lockout/tagout methods.

Electrical High Voltage: Know the Hazards

Coastal (1996, 2006)
Time: 27 minutes #VLES015 (D)
"There were three of us down there. My friend was closer to the breaker - all of a sudden he was a ball of flames..." So begins this program which will help you comply with OSHA's Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Standard and help your workers in electrical utilities operations stay safe.

Electrical Safety

Time: 10:21 minutes #VLES010 (B) (V)
Show workers how to protect themselves from electrical hazards and what to do if danger strikes.

Electrical Safety NFPA 70E: Control the Charge

Summit Training Source (2012)
Time: 19 minutes #VL ES003 (D) (C)
This DVD details updates to the NFPA 70E standard for 2012. Protect yourself and your employees from these statistics: Arc flash accidents can heat air to temperatures as high as 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit and can produce a blast as high as 2,000 pounds per square foot, sending over 2,000 people to burn centers every year. This course covers:
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Safety Planning
  • De-Energizing Equipment
  • Working Hot

Electrical Safety: Real, Real-Life

Coastal (1999, 2004)
Time: 13 minutes #VLES009 (B) (D) (V)
This new video program will not only help jump-start your training program; it will also make sure it stays current. Designed to provide important information about safe work practices when working with or around electricity, this interactive video program focuses on how employees can protect themselves from injuries - or even fatalities.

Electrical Safety Violations

Video Training Source, Inc.
Time: 9 minutes #VLES004 (V)

Electrical Test Instruments

Video Training Source, Inc.
Time: 6 minutes #VLES005 (V)

Fatal Shock: Electrical Case Histories

Coastal (1993, 2005)
Time: 24 minutes #VLES006 (D) (V)
This video program uses dramatic re-enactments of actual electrical accidents to help motivate employees to follow proper electrical safety procedures.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters and Electrical Safety #309

Long Island Productions
Time: 18 minutes #VLES007 (V)

Hazard Recognition and Control for Utility Workers

Coastal (2005)
Time: 18 minutes #VLES017 (D)
Utility workers are exposed to workplace dangers daily. Teach your employees how to recognize the hazards they face. This training program uses hazard scenarios specific to utility workers to illustrate the three causes of accidents, the importance of looking for and correcting unsafe conditions, and how to control the hazardous energy in a situation to prevent accidents and injury.

Lessons Learned From an Arc Flash Tragedy

American Training Resources
Time: 19 minutes #VLES012 (D) (V) (B)
Mark Standifer received 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 40 percent of his body and was nearly killed when he was engulfed in an arc blast while performing an electrical task at a waste water treatment plant. This video will explain the reasons for arc flash regulations, the various clothing and personal protective equipment required by hazards zero through four.

Power Line Hazard Awareness

Construction Safety Council
Time: 18 minutes #VLES008 (V)
Focuses on the hazards associated with power lines and presents ways to eliminate accidental contacts. Also tells you what to do in the unlikely event that a power line is contacted.

Solving the Mystery Static Electricity

Coastal (1989, 2005)
Time: 13 minutes #VLES018 (V) (D)
Uncontrolled static charge is the silent cause of problems ranging from annoying shocks to catastrophic explosions. Solving The Mystery: Static Electricity educates employees on the dangers posed by static charges and explains how to minimize these dangers.
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