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Video Resource Library

(B) = Booklet, (C) = CD (support materials), (D) = DVD, (V) = Video

Please check out our newer titles indicated in orange.

Bloodborne Pathogens / First Aid Chemical Safety Children / Teenage Safety
Confined Space Construction Cranes / Forklifts / Rigging / Oil Well
Driver Training Electrical Safety Ergonomics
Fall Protection Fire / Emergency General Safety
Grain Handling Safety Groundskeeping Hazardous Materials
Healthcare Industry Laboratory Lockout / Tagout
Personal Protective Equipment Scaffolding Spanish Videos
Substance Abuse Supervisory Training Tool and Machine Safety
Welding and Cutting Workers Compensation / Return to Work / Fraud  


(The) ABC's of Work Zone Safety

Time: 13:15 minutes #VLCON004 (V)
The three main causes why accidents occur in a work zone are lack of awareness, visibility, and communication. This video and instruction guide assists you in training your employees to know and understand the three simple rules that will help them work and move safely through a work zone.

Aerial Work Platforms

Time: 17 minutes #VLCON001 (V) (B)
- Getting aerial work platforms ready for use
- Moving or transporting
- Elevated work practices
- Shut down procedures.

Boomlifts for Construction

Coastal (2005)
Time: 10 minutes #VLCON027 (D)
Boomlifts are the most widely used type of equipment on a construction site. As with anything that becomes so common, accidents are likely to occur. Provide your workers with the training necessary to keep them safe.

Boomlifts in Construction

Time: 10 minutes #VLCON002 (V)
- Inspecting boomlifts
- Training to properly use the equipment
- Hazards
- Safe Operating Practices.

Bucket Truck Safety Training for Operators

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc
Time: 18 minutes #VLCON025 (B) (V)
Shows your bucket truck operators where the hazards are ... and how to avoid them. This one-of-a-kind training video has everything you need to deliver professional training on the subject - the kind of training your operators will benefit from for years to come. Developed with OSHA, ANSI, and S.I.A. guidelines and regulations in mind, the Bucket Truck Safety Training for Operators video covers critical material your operators need to stay safe, including:
- Personal protective equipment
- Truck inspection and maintenance
- The most common bucket truck hazards
- What can happen when safety becomes secondary
- Special considerations for foul weather
- Fundamental precautions
- Operational differences between trucks
- Responding in emergency situations
- Fall-arrest systems
- Setting up at work sites
- Working in the bucket
- And much more

Bucket Trucks: Extending Your Safety

Coastal (2005, 2006)
Time: 15 minutes #VLCON028 (D)
Bucket trucks make jobs at high elevations easier, but if they're not operated safely major accidents can occur.

Cave-In: Trenching & Shoring Safety

Coastal (2004)
Time: 18 minutes #VLCON003 (D) (B)
Learn more about trench soil, trench protective systems, atmospheric hazards, and safety practices for excavation work. Every year about 400 U.S. workers die in trenches, and 6,400 workers are seriously injured in trench cave-ins. That's why your people need to understand trench hazards--and how to prevent cave-ins. Complies with OSHA 1926.650-652. It covers:
- Grain size and saturation
- Cohesion and soil testing
- Protective systems

Construction Forklifts: Extending Your Reach

Coastal (2005)
Time: #VLCON029 (D)
In an effort to decrease the staggering number of injuries and fatalities, OSHA just finalized the new Powered Industrial Truck Standard (1910.178). This new forklift training resource covers: Securing the platform, Securing the load, Safe forklift speed and turning, Handling a forklift and Working safely around forklifts and pallet trucks.

Construction Hazard Perception Challenge

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc
Time: 60 minutes #VLCON023 (V) (B)
Accidents occur on jobsites all too often. And the costs of them - everything from personal injury to insurance hikes - can be extremely high. That's why it's so critical for your safety training to get through and sink in! Using a unique challenge-question format to get viewers fully involved, this interactive program gets your worker competing to locate safety hazards. It challenges them to identify hazards on the jobsite in a variety of scenarios, and tests them with a quick quiz about what they just saw.
Broken into five segments to offer more training flexibility, the video features 30 scenarios complete with live action, animation, and music. Footage was filmed at several construction locations with scenarios focusing on hazards related to fall protection, forklift safety, PPE, and more.

Construction Safety Orientation

Summit (2003)
Time: 20 minutes #VLCON030 (B) (C) (D)
This comprehensive program covers a wide range of best safety practices for construction workers, including: PPE, Ladder Safety, Fall Prevention, Hazard Recognition, Hoists and Slings, Scaffolding Safety, Hazardous Materials Safety, Electrical Hazards, Housekeeping, Vehicle Traffic, Excavations and Hot Work.

Construction Safety Orientation for Employees

J.J. Keller (2002)
Time: 25 minutes #VLCON021 (B) (V)
This video explains the "what " and "why" of the various OSHA topics, including what to look for and be aware of while on the job site. It also provides an overview of key construction safety topics like hand and power tools; PPE; emergency response; housekeeping; hazard communication; slips, trips, and falls; fire protection; and electrical safety.

Construction Stairways and Ladders

Coastal (2005)
Time: 13 minutes #VLCON031 (D)
Before you take the first step up that stairway or ladder, be sure to review the crucial safety precautions demonstrated in this program.

Contractor Safety: It’s Everybody’s Business

Coastal (2005)
Time: 20 minutes #VLCON024 (D) (V) (B)
Keeping employees safe on a worksite with 2 or more employers can be challenging. This program will alert workers to most common safety hazards and how best to avoid them. Requirements of the general contractor as well as accepted standards and procedures are covered.

Excavation Safety

Construction Safety Council
Time: 22 minutes #VLCON010 (V)
Understand and recognize specific excavation hazards and learn how to deal with excavation emergencies.

Excavations - An Overview of OSHA's Excavation Standard

Speed Shore Corporation (1993)
Time: 17 minutes #VLCON006 (V)

Flagging: You're the Director

Time: 17 minutes #VLCON007 (V)
The job of the flagger is crucial for preventing highway work zone accidents. However, flaggers are often not properly trained or not trained at all. This valuable video program reviews vital flagging procedures.
- Flagger requirements
- Proper clothing and equipment
- Flagger position
- Stopping and releasing traffic.

From Shop to Rooftop: Sheet Metal Safety Tips

National Roofing Contractors Association (2000)
Time: 13 minutes #VLCON019 (B) (V)
Make sure your workers know the safety guidelines pertaining to sheet metal. This video addresses all aspects of sheet metal safety including machine guarding, personal protective equipment, tool safety, lifting and loading of sheet metal, storage, proper lifting techniques, and forklift safety.

GHS-HazCom for Construction Environments

Produced by Marcom/Distributed by Aurora Pictures - (2013)
Time: 20 minutes #VLCON040 (D) (B)
This was created specifically to assist construction companies of all types in complying with federal, state, and municipal Hazard Communications regulations. These products also address the major education and training requirements in these chemical hazard laws. This video presentation introduces employees to the Hazard Communication regulations and provides training on the various types of chemicals found in construction environments. Topics covered include:
- GHS Safety Data Sheets and container labels
- Toxins, corrosives, and irritants
- Flammables, combustibles, and gases
- Carcinogens and radiation
- Exposure situations
- Personal protective equipment and chemical storage
- Spills and cleanup

Heads Up! Hard Hat Safety

Coastal (2006)
Time: 19 minutes #VLCON032 (D)
Over 100,000 occupational head injuries are reported every year because most of those injured failed to wear required head protection. This video program explains how getting in the hard hat habit will help your workers protect themselves. Complies with OSHA 1910.135.

Highway Work Zone Safety: The Basics

Coastal (1994, 2005)
Time: 18 minutes #VLCON008 (D) (V)
Hundreds of people are killed each year in accidents related to highway construction. This video program will help your employees understand and comply with MUTCD and learn what it takes to keep themselves, drivers, and pedestrians safe.
- Being safety conscious
- Traffic control devices
- Slowing down traffic
- Detours and closures
- Communication.

Introduction to Safety: Roofing Application

National Roofing Contractors Association
Time: 29 minutes #VLCON020 (B) (V)
Teach your workers about the importance of developing safe work habits during all aspects of a roofing project. This program addresses personal protective equipment, fall protection, and material and equipment handling, in addition to common safety concerns such as burns from hot bitumen and fire safety. You also receive a basic review and information about substance abuse in the workplace.

Lessons From Ground Zero: Emergency Action Plan

Coastal (2004)
Time: 30 minutes #VLCON033 (D)
Featuring the training content of Coastal's Lessons From Ground Zero: Emergency Action Plan video, this DVD goes behind the scenes with workers who rushed to Ground Zero in response to the 9/11 disaster. Learn how the quickly produced Emergency Action Plan reduced injuries and hazards at Ground Zero -- and how having such a plan in place BEFORE a disaster strikes is critical for your facility.

Lessons From Ground Zero: Evacuation

Coastal (2004)
Time: 23 minutes #VLCON034 (D)
Featuring the training content of Coastal's Lessons From Ground Zero: Evacuation video, this DVD goes behind the scenes with real workers who experienced the evacuations of February 26, 1993, and September 11, 2001. You and your employees will find out how your facility can survive such a disaster in the future by planning for the unthinkable and creating the best possible evacuation plan for your site.

Manbaskets in Construction

Coastal (1996)
Time: 10 minutes #VLCON009 (V)
- Outlines the responsibility of each individual involved: employer, supervisor, and employee
- How to test and inspect the equipment
- Proper safety for lift equipment.

North Dakota Flagger Training

Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), ND Department of Transportation (NDDOT) and ND Associated General Contractors (ND AGC) (2009)
Time: 17 minutes #VLCON039 (B) (D)
This DVD is the training that is required before you are allowed to do any flagger work in the state of North Dakota. It includes a handbook and exam with 25 questions.

OSHA: An Introduction for Construction

Coastal (2004)
Time: 19 minutes #VLCON035 (D)
No losses are acceptable when it comes to construction site injuries or fatalities, so the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) was established to develop and enforce job safety and health standards. This video program will familiarize you and your employees with the mission and workings of OSHA.

Residential Construction: Roofing Safety

Department of Labor and Industries (1999)
Time: 13:29 minutes #VLCON017 (V)
Produced by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, this video is intended to promote safe construction practices to help prevent injuries among roofers. After viewing the video, the viewer will have an understanding of some of the safety and health regulations that apply to residential construction and, specifically, as they pertain to roofing safety. The viewer will be shown examples of acceptable and effective safe roofing methods and equipment. This video covers: job preparation, walk around safety inspection, ladder safety/safe access, anchorages, roofing, and job completion.

Residential Construction: Siding Safety

Department of Labor and Industries (1999)
Time: 14:20 minutes #VLCON018 (V)
Produced by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, this video is intended to promote safe construction practices to help prevent injuries among general contractors and contractors in the siding industry. After viewing the video, the viewer will have an understanding of some of the safety and health regulations that apply to residential construction and, specifically, as they pertain to siding safety. The viewer will be shown examples of acceptable and effective safe-siding methods and equipment. This video covers: job preparation, walk around safety inspection, setup and siding, ladder safety/safe access, scaffold safety, and job completion.

Road Construction Codes

State Fund Workers' Compensation Insurance Media Productions (1993)
Time: 8 minutes #VLCON011 (V)

Roadway Worker Safety: In The Zone

Coastal (2008)
Time: 24 minutes #VLCON038 (D) (B)
Roadway work is riddled with hazardous situations including passing traffic, power lines and hearing loss. This program discusses the common risks these workers face and outlines ways to avoid injuries.
- Common hazards
- Special training and safety measures
- Safety equipment
Added features and benefits of DVD training include:
- Informative training points and bonus material for refresher or training talks
- A customizable PowerPoint® presentation
- Video-enriched training organized by learning objectives that facilitates discussion
- A printable Leader's Guide
- Resourceful web links to organizations such as OSHA, FEMA, NSC and the CDC, where viewers can download and print information on regulatory standards

Safe Work Practices In Construction #314

Long Island Productions (1995)
Time: 11 minutes #VLCON012 (V)

Safe Operation of Scissor & Boom Lifts

ERI Long Island Productions (2006)
Time: 19 minutes #VLCON026 (V) (D)
Elevated work platforms such as scissor and boom lifts allow us to safely perform various tasks and maintenance operations at heights that otherwise may be unreachable. Electrocution, falls, crushed body parts and tip-overs are just a few examples of incidents that often result from unsafe operation. This video discusses the procedures lift operators must follow to prevent these types of incidents. Topics include factors that affect stability, pre-operational inspection, protecting against falls from platforms and safe driving procedures.

Scissor Lifts for Construction

Coastal (2005)
Time: 9 minutes #VLCON036 (D)
Scissor lifts can provide a safe walking and working surface on construction sites; however, proper training is essential. This program will teach workers what they need to know.

Scissor Lifts in Construction

Coastal (1996)
Time: 9 minutes #VLCON013 (V)
- Pre-start inspection
- Training to use equipment
- Looking for hazards
- Safe operating practices

Shiftwork: Circadian Survival

Coastal (1998, 2005)
Time: 20 minutes #VLCON037 (D)
If your organization runs more than one shift, this new program is for you! Circadian rhythms regulate the body's internal clock and deviating from this "internal programming" can often be difficult for workers. Teach them how to adjust and minimize difficulties, especially safety-related concerns, with this important video.

Skid Steer Loader - Training Kit

IR Bobcat (2002) #VLCON016 (V)
(2 videos, administrator's guide, course handbook, certificate of training, and safety manual)
The material in this kit is intended to assist persons in understanding the basic concepts of safe and efficient skid steer loader operation.
Tape "A" is all about skid steer loader basics. It covers:
- History of Bobcat Company
- Design concepts of the skid steer loader
- Operating controls
- Safety features
- Basic operation.

Tape "B" has three additional segments:
- Operator training for Bobcat Advanced Control Systems (ACS)
- Operator training for Bobcat all-wheel steer loaders with skid steer capabilities
- Operator training for Bobcat compact track loaders.

Steep-Slope Roofing Safety: Don't Let it Slide

National Roofing Contractors Association (1998)
Time: 17 minutes #VLCON022 (B) (V)
Teach your workers the unique safety requirements for steep-slope roofing work with video program and accompanying manual. Various types of fall-protection systems are addressed, as well as other hazards associated with steep-slope roofing work.

Trenching Emergency

Coastal (1993)
Time: 16 minutes #VLCON014 (B) (V)
Learn what to do and what not to do if a trench collapses and someone is trapped. Also learn some basic facts about trenches.

Trenching and Shoring: Trench Box Installation

Coastal (1996)
Time: 13 minutes #VLCON015 (V)
This video discusses safe selection, installation, and removal of shields. If you like these titles, also check out the videos "Substance Abuse Prevention in Construction" in the Substance Abuse section, "Hazcom for Construction" in the Chemical Safety section, "Construction: Lockout/Tagout" in the Lockout/Tagout section, and "Confined Space Entry - Construction" in the Confined Space section.
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