Attention: Fraudulent Check Scam

September 2018

It has come to our attention that fraudulent checks using our name are being mailed in FedEx packages, falsely representing payment from Workforce Safety & Insurance, (WSI).  Typically, WSI does not mail checks via FedEx.  If you have received a check from WSI in a FedEx envelope, the check is likely a fake check.  If you want to clarify if a check you received from WSI is valid, you may call WSI Customer Service at 1-800-777-5033.

The bulk of these payments are being sent to pay for online purchases. The check payment total is significantly more than the purchase price of the item you are selling, and the buyer requests you to send the excess funds back to them or they will have someone stop by and pick them up.

Your bank may accept these checks when you deposit them.  However, when the check is presented to the issuing bank, it will be declined and returned to your bank.  At that time, your bank will make you responsible for the funds if the check you deposited is a fake check.

WSI is not affiliated with these checks.