Coverage Kit

This section contains information provided in the employer coverage kit. This will provide you with valuable information regarding workers' compensation as well as present you with information on starting or expanding your business in North Dakota.

Welcome Letter 

The welcome letter provides information on North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI), an exclusive employer-financed, no-fault insurance system covering workplace injuries, illnesses, and death. WSI is the sole provider and administrator of the workers’ compensation system in North Dakota. We look forward to working with you to provide a safer workplace for your workers.

Starting a New Business in North Dakota

WSI offers a free, State of North Dakota New Business Registration Forms packet that provides information to help you establish or expand your business in North Dakota. To apply for workers’ compensation insurance, see Obtaining Coverage.

Checklist of State Agencies for New Businesses 

WSI works in cooperation with other state agencies to provide all new business owners a checklist to ensure that they are in compliance with those agency requirements.

Insurance Coverage Requirements for Out-of-State Employers

Unlike other states, North Dakota law does not allow private insurers to underwrite workers’ compensation insurance in North Dakota. WSI is the sole provider and regulator of workers’ compensation in the state of North Dakota. Out-of-state employers should be certain they have the proper workers’ compensation coverage in place before hiring workers based in North Dakota or before employees begin working in North Dakota.

Employer Quick Reference Guide

The Employer Quick Reference Guide is to be used as a reference sheet for workers’ compensation. It includes basic information on obtaining coverage, payroll reporting, premium payment options and obtaining proof of coverage. Remember that the process or information can change, to view the most up-to-date information check the website or contact Policyholder Services.

Important Notice of Workers Poster 

The Important Notice to Workers Poster is provided to all employers to deliver a visual reminder to their employees. The poster covers basic information about workers’ compensation and benefits available to employees involved in a work related injury.

First Report of Injury Form 

The First Report of Injury Form is used to report an injury to WSI. It should be completed as soon as possible after an injury occurs. It should be completed by the employer and the employee as it will expedite the process, if a claim needs to be filed due to the work related injury.

Early Claim Reporting Incentive   

The Early Claim Reporting Incentive explains the steps and timeline recommended to ensure that the employer saves on claim costs and the injured worker receives the best medical care and support possible.

Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs: Tips for Employers

This fact sheet covers many of the ways employers can use safety in the workplace to reduce injuries. It informs you of what programs WSI has in place to assist you with this process and the timeframes and options for reporting injuries.

Fraud Prevention Tips for Employers

These tips will educate employers on how to recognize possible signs of fraud in the workplace and ways to prevent it by staying involved in the day to day operations. Communication and trust with your employees is one sure way to get their commitment to help control fraudulent situations.

Near Miss Reports and Investigations 

All workplaces have situations happen that may not result in an injury or property damage but have that potential. This information will assist employers in having a near miss report system in place, allowing employees to report and have unsafe situations addressed. Hopefully this will prevent a second occurrence or possible serious injury from occurring.

Safety Incentive Programs 

WSI invites every North Dakota employer to “put safety to work” by implementing one of these safety programs at their workplace. These programs can reduce a qualifying employer’s premium by up to 25%. Matching grants can also be obtained to assist in purchasing safety interventions that eliminate ergonomic workplace hazards. In addition, associations and employee organizations may qualify for grants to help promote safety through training and education.

Small Account Credit/Debit Program

The goal of this program is to create incentives for small businesses to manage their claims and implement safety programs. For more information, see Small Account Credit/Debit Program.

Certificate of Premium Payment

WSI issues a Certificate of Premium Payment as a proof of insurance coverage to all active policyholders who are current with their premium payments. The certificate reflects an expiration date that coincides with the amount of the payment. Each subsequent minimum payment will generate a certificate for 60 days. If payment of the entire balance is received, the certificate will be issued for the full policy period.

  • North Dakota law requires the Certificate of Premium Payment be posted at your place of business.
  • You may make copies of the certificate or access your WSI workers’ compensation account online at Employer Account (OEA).
  • You may also request a duplicate certificate by calling 800-777-5033 or by email at

 Premium Payment Schedule

Employers can choose to make installment payments on their outstanding premium balance. With this change, the initial minimum payment due at the time of renewal will not be less than $250 unless the balance owed is less than $250.